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American Psycho: Special Edition

Mary Harron



American Psycho: Special Edition
Directed by: Mary Harron
(Lions Gate)
This adaptation of the infamous Bret Easton Ellis novel, shot in Toronto, was at one time going to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s follow-up to Titanic, something to scare away all his newfound teen fans. It’s hard to imagine him in the part, and anyway, Harron put her foot down and wouldn’t make the movie with him. Christian Bale is amazing in the role of a completely sick, slick 1980s yuppie serial killer named Patrick Bateman. Harron and writer Guinevere Turner pull a cool trick, turning the visceral, horrific vision of ’80s materialist values into an arch, black comedy about shallow, competitive men, one of whom is into murder, but the whole endeavour is as involving and remote as a Patrick Nagel print. It helps to imagine you’re watching deleted scenes from Batman Begins, with Bruce Wayne overcome by his affection for sharp things. The DVD includes interviews with various humourless critics and producers, though one does manage to compare the killer’s motivation to that of George W. Bush.
—Carsten Knox

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