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Andrew Younger, MLA!

Formerly District 6 (East Dartmouth - The Lakes)


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Cell: 476-1727
Grade this year: C-
Grade last year: B-

Ah, Andrew Younger. Always with an opinion, whether one’s required or not. That’s not a fault, necessarily---we could only wish other councillors were half as engaged. And as Younger was unopposed in the October elections, he seems to resonate with his constituency; alternatively, his in-your-face presence was enough to dissuade any challengers.

There are two very positive things to say about Younger. One, he’s the go-to councillor on transportation issues. If we ever get a Transportation Authority to oversee our roads, bridges and transit, Younger will make a good candidate for supervising the whole thing. Two, he ably managed the competing interests and bureaucratic hassles connected to the Main Street rebuilding project, which will soon reach construction stage. Good on him on both counts.

Still, I can’t get past Younger’s negatives. He remains a solid supporter of the tax reform effort, and can’t wrap his head around why that’s an abandonment of principles we should hold dear. That’s an ideological difference of opinion, and perhaps debatable. But more pragmatically, he too is running for the legislature, right as the city’s annual budget comes up for debate. Precisely because Younger is such a policy wonk, both his district and the city as a whole will suffer considerably from his disengagement from that debate. That’s also why I’m dinging him more than any other councillor.


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