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Re: “Memories of Mumford Terminal

The only temporary soultion for Mumford terminal is to make it one stop on the inside similar to Scotia Square. The long-term soultion is replacement. Problem is the mall probably will not give more land. So where is there land big enough that's close to the existing terminal? If they find land that is to far away say Bayer road or something do they still need Mumford as mini terminal to shuttle to a newer terminal? The current Mumford terminal has been out grown for years.

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Posted by Artic on 11/24/2016 at 11:32 PM

Re: “Why are Halifax Transit buses always running late?

You realize your data is flawed hugely. The bus stop you used in front of the library is not a schedule bus stop at all. You must look at a scheduled stop to have the proper data. According to the riders guide and look at time points that are listed. For the route 1 there are 5 time points listed for buses heading to the Bridge Terminal and 4 for those heading in reverse. Heading to the bridge you have Mumford, Oxford and Quinpool, Scotia Square( Barrington and Duke north bound), North and Brunswick and The Bridge Terminal. On the way to Mumford you have The Bridge Terminal, Scotia Square ( Barrington and Duke south bound), Oxford and Quinpool and Mumford terminal. The stop you stood at has no schedule for it. As long the bus shows up after Quinpool and Oxford time and before Scotia Square time its considered to be on time. You will see the one wait at those particular places if they are running early.

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Posted by Artic on 08/04/2015 at 5:27 PM

Re: “Stranded by Halifax Transit

Supply websites that are NOT RUN BY YOU ! all they do is repeat what you have printed. I have watched your videos going on a bus and saying " this is a protest because these buses are unsafe and you know it" Is not in any way you showing us how they are not safe.
I have read the human rights cases on this. Trust me every one at Metro transit has to be trained on human rights as a result of this. ( did you know that ).

Also by the way none of your response are showing your civilized but the doing the complete opposite. I never insulted you, nor did plastic driver guy or anyone else. You insulted all of us first. You also continue to insult us over and over again. All we have asked is for concrete proof of your accusations from a creditable source ( You or I are not Credible sources) like The ADA, URB, Nova Bus or any other disability organization. All you have done in response is posted links to your website. If you would like I can create one on word press right now throw a few videos on it and discredit your claims. It wont take more then 5 to 10 minutes, but I wont because that proves nothing but my opinion!

So in closing yes closing because I am aware that you will reply no matter how many times I respond. Your claims carry no weight, no other user in Halifax has the same problems as you yet they ride the same buses. You have done nothing but yell at people who didn't agree with your views. You have said that transit endangered you that night. There is no evidence of that you where offered drives from other drivers driving older buses to the bridge. You claim that the 61/14 was the only one that could get you to that intersection of oxford and Quinpool. Well the ones could have done that. Also if they had the newer style bus you could have tried the 52 to get you to the corner of North and Robie and powered on own the street. Or could have taken the 7 or 80. Or you could have taken the 52 to the corner of North and Windsor and taken a 18 or 90. And do not respond with they are all you buses or something because you had options you just refused to take them because you wanted to make a scene and make people sorry.

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Posted by Artic on 09/20/2014 at 6:38 PM

Re: “Stranded by Halifax Transit

Well looks like you have not listened to what every one has written all you want to do is continue to talk. I asked you to provide a creditable source or agency on your statement about not being able to secure your wheel chair in the passive restraint system. You have yet to do that all you do is say to go to your self made website. I have been there beside the lack of any organization there are videos of you going around town doing what you think is "Public education". When in reality its you yelling at people and trying to get them to think you are such a poor sole. I never claimed once that disabled person has the same accessibility as a disabled . I claimed things have gotten better in 7 years.

As for the transit case you speak of, your particular human rights case was not the one that actually changed the policy of ALF buses being on non wheel chair routes. Your complaint along with another female wheel chair user who I wont name here came after. The original complaint had not been heard by the time you laid your complaint. It had actually been a year or two that passed since the original complaint ( human rights commission can take a while to hear cases which is an entirely different subject).

Now why not go and use that crank radio you have and be sure to flag down a horse drawn carriage to take you to your next appt.

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Posted by Artic on 09/20/2014 at 5:30 PM

Re: “Stranded by Halifax Transit

The only viscous one is you Mr Towsey you have called people idots,dumb and stupid in the same forum. You have also decided to attack one your fellow disabled people. That shows the amount of credibility you truly have!

Now lets go through a few facts that you have posted. You mention that older buses have the four points tie down system and for us to ask why that was the case. Well at the time those buses came out that was the standard newer buses are bound to have newer technology. Same when the first flyers came out why where there not steps like so many before them ?

Next you attack the a fellow disabled person saying what have they contributed to the disabled community? Have they made websites? etc. Just because you go to wordpress and post a bunch of stuff doesn't mean you have made a website for the community means you have done something that people in grade school are taught how to do simple web page design with a gui tool.
Next you claim that you are not destroying steps made forward in the disabled community because there are none to begin with. Well lets pick that apart a bit because you are so keen on having facts displayed. 7 years ago there was only a handful of wheelchair routes and wheel chair users where only allowed to use these routes period now fast forward 7 years later over 70% of MT routes and 85% of buses are wheel chair accessible.That is a great leap forward is it the absolute best? No its not but its a steep in the right direction! The bridge terminal now wheel chair accessible yes. Is one door broken yeah seems that way but still not bad and a great leap forward from the old bridge terminal. Also Transit has a Lacewood Terminal being built. There are plans to have further accessible options there, they are considering integrated wheel chair seating. That way you aren't waiting in an aisle in the way, you will be waiting in the seating area. Now lets look at general business' they have improved wheel chair access by leaps and bounds in the last 5 years. Is every business accessible nope but its better then it was. So based on those facts how are there no steps being made to help the disabled community ? Steeps are steeps no matter how baby they may appear.

Now when you respond to this I ask you to try not to throw in sluts. I ask you please stop repeating your same claims of unsafe with more facts then your own pen or voice. Most of us have sited ADA, URB, AODA and other organizations that have claimed them safe. All you have done is said they are unsafe. So lets see some concrete facts from agencies that study this stuff.

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Posted by Artic on 09/20/2014 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Stranded by Halifax Transit

Actually the one belt restraint goes no where near your neck or waist shows what you know!
The single belt restraint hooks to the rear of the chair. If the chair has tie down areas in the rear then that is what is used. I had a friend of mine who was in a chair and that chair weighed in excess of 500 lbs with out them sitting in it. They had no problems riding metro transit on these buses. You just like to hear your self and love to belittle people that have no say in what is bought or used.
My favorite is hearing you say that you think the drivers are switching their routes just before they get to you. Your reasoning every route that passed except the 61 was older buses. You are truly nuts! The 61/14 most days/nights I see them are always newer buses. The older ones that are on the routes are usually "helper" buses that are only around during the time university gets out/in and rush hour.
You are not in anyway helping the cause of any disabled person including your self!! I have had many people who are disabled who have had issues with one thing or another. They talked very nicely to me and I went out of my way to help them and be another voice. With the way you approach people I wouldn't want to help you period!! I have watched your videos on your site and all it proves is you are crazy and have a self entitled attitude!!!!

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Posted by Artic on 09/19/2014 at 1:42 PM

Re: “Stranded by Halifax Transit

The system used on the newer buses like stated in the article are standard. The system is called the passive restraint system. The system has been approved in the USA by the ADA. Here in Canada the system has been approved for use by every provincial agency that governs buses. The system is meant to increase speed of wheel chairs being loaded. This will in hopes help the disabled community have more freedom and willingness to take transit. How does all of a sudden 1 person decide its not safe for him to be loaded in a bus with this system. Does he think he knows more then all of the studies that have been done on this system.

Does he not realize that this exact system is available on buses in New York, Toronto and just about every major North American city with out so much as a issue? He just likes to hear him self talk. He wants people to feel sorry for him.

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Posted by Artic on 09/18/2014 at 10:20 PM

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Re: “Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers + Poutinerie

Worst Burger I ever had, I think Macdonalds could have done better. The burger was dry and tastless. I ordered a Poutine to go with it and it was so bad, again fast food places do a better job not sure how people think it is that good. I drove from Clayton Park just to go there and was a waste of my gas big time hope Flip burger is better!!

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Posted by Artic on 07/15/2012 at 12:41 PM

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