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Auto fixation


Dear Bruce Wark,

I would like to thank you for an excellent editorial ("Keeping the drive alive," December 7). I am beyond disgusted with the current auto situation in Halifax and I am so sick of hearing of pedestrians being killed in crosswalks.

Over a recent period of two weeks, while following all road rules in crosswalks, I was almost hit six times.

I think these events occur primarily because humans are naturally imperfect and self-centred. This means that pedestrians are flawed, as are cyclists. Most importantly, however, it means that flawed beings are driving around in multiple-tonne devices capable of killing multiple people.

Other reasons for car idiocy include, as you noted, marketing, promotion and capitalism, as well as the need for "faster, better," stressful work environments, cell phones, drunk-driving and more. Cars themselves are terrible creations. All they really offer us is convenience, in return for polluting our environment, killing people, wasting resources and creating ugly landscapes. Cars should not be made out of deadly heavy metallic materials—logically, they should be made with soft, compressible outer structures, thus eliminating deadly accidents. Unfortunately, they were designed by men, and are produced by men; for whom power, strength, speed and "compensation" are key concerns.

The only way to fix car-related problems is a total change to car-free city centres (as in Europe), totally redesigned people-safe/environment-safe cars and re-education of the populace to effect the success of these changes.

By Nicholas Warren

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