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Baring the truth


To the editor,

As an aesthetician with my own practice and a busy Brazilian waxer, I can attest that this service is far from going "out of style" as Lezlie Lowe claims (March 2, "Wax and Wane"); I do about five of them a day. It is my most-requested service, because I am certified, trusted and experienced. 

However, as a feminist, I think some clarification is in order. Twisty Farmer's "I Blame The Patriarchy" blog that Lowe referred to actually concerns a Missouri state senate bill that would prevent 13-year-old girls from having Brazilian waxes without written parental consent, not "Brazilian wax jobs" in general. A whole other ball of wax, indeed.  

I would suggest that any feminists who read Lowe's column last week also read Twisty's blog (and the responses) before taking the snippet about "submissiveness and conformity and capitulation to white male supremacy" out of context. Right-wing feminists, who might use this type of ready-made sound bite information to try to subject other women to their own personal ideals, are promoting the exact same thing that they rail against the patriarchy for doing in the first place.

Women being labelled—by fellow women, no less—as self-objectifying, incapable of making personal decisions or as unwitting participants in the global glamourization/pornographization of themselves and women everywhere, is a "trend" that I hope dies soon. And I am waiting with eulogy in hand.

By Tammy Johnson, Jaspr Esthetics

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