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  • Bianca Müller

2012 Grade: F
2011 grade: F
2010 grade: D-
2009 grade: D

Barry Dalrymple usually votes on the wrong side of things, and over the past year he aligned himself with the stupid on the stadium and voted not to censure the mayor over the concert scandal. He started down the wrong road by voting to remove the Hydrostone from the north end BID, but then he voted against the sale of St. Pat's-Alexandra, saying he thought it only fair that the non-profits be allowed to present a case before he turned them down. It was probably happenstance, but Dalrymple also managed to be absent for the Skye vote.

We were prepared to reward those improvements with a D grade, but then we recalled his wretched reaction when a member of the Occupy Nova Scotia movement was invited to explain his views to a political discussion group that meets at the Fall River Recreation Hall. As a member of the hall's board of directors, and apparently using his authority as councillor, Dalrymple squashed the invite. "I am completely opposed to our hall being used to further the agenda of this group and I am also opposed to bringing them here and give them the idea of 'occupying' our hall or property out here,"� wrote Dalrymple in an email to the discussion group. "I am not willing to put our hall and our community in jeapordy [sic] on this."

No doubt Dalrymple wishes he had some way of squashing The Coast's speech, too, but he's not on our board of directors, thankfully. So he gets an F.


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