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Beef over meat eaters


To the editor,

It's amazing to me how far people can go to rationalize their actions when they know they can't really be justified.

To follow Lezlie's explanation of why eating meat is green in Nova Scotia to its logical end, perhaps we should convert every bit of land used to grow any kind of crop or plant to pasture land and grow beef or lamb or whatever meat on it and then maybe Nova Scotians could be truly green and eat nothing but meat. Meat every day, all day.

Meat is the new green. But only if you're a Nova Scotian. And as for "living in a pixie land," I know people eat meat. I also know people eat way too much meat. This province will never, ever produce enough meat to ensure that all Nova Scotians can continue to eat the amount of meat they currently do but only from local sources. Not unless they cut back hugely. That's reality. Lezlie's the one "living in pixie land" if she doesn't see this.

Oh, and I'm not a vegetarian.

By Edson

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