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Gold Winner @ScotiaPharmacy

Silver Winner @allisomething

Bronze Winner @sack_vegas

Hello, welcome to Halifax! First thing’s first, are you following the locally owned Scotia Pharmacy (and lil bro Nova Pharmacy) on Twitter? If not, please remedy that. Scotia Pharmacy is the Rx for all that ails you online, with sunny all-caps missives coming at you straight from the checkout counter, offering deals, a PMA and laugh out loud statuses. “What’s so funny?” they’ll ask. “Just this pharmacy’s Twitter feed,” you’ll reply. “WE WANNA THANK R AMAZING BOSSES WHO LET US B OURSELVES & LET R PERSONALITIES SHINE THRU!” says Scotia Pharmacy in its usual exuberant style. “WE ALSO WANNA THANK THE 1000+ FOLLOWERS FOR ALL THE LUV & SUPPORT WE WOULDNT B HERE WITHOUT EM.”

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