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Better together: five ways to get fit with friends

If you’re looking for a challenge, results and a group atmosphere, these fitness classes and activities are made for you.



1 CrossFit
"If you attend three to four classes a week, you'll notice improvements in strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness and, most importantly, confidence," says Mel Clarke, CrossFit coach at Blended Athletics (580 Wright Avenue). With tailored work-out plans, CrossFit requires consistency to see results but the strong sense of community mixed with achievable personal challenge is continually motivating.

2 Dance
Get into the groove at any of Halifax's dance studios—learn belly-dance at Serpentine (1489 Birmingham Street) or crunk it out at Halifax Dance (1505 Barrington Street) with hip-hop and more. Dancing takes intention, memory and finesse but it feels so badass.

3 Pole fitness
Pole dancing looks easy on HBO but this blend of acrobatics and choreography requires serious upper and lower body strength that develops as you learn the flow. It takes a couple classes to look seductive but that's worth the commitment. Studio In Essence (1717 Barrington Street), for example, offers comfortable, safe group training.

4 Aerobics
Have you ever gone to a step class only to be puzzled by the instructor yelling "grapevine"? Group classes like aerobics and step are fun options that mix coordination and physical endurance. Once you learn the moves, you'll see how fast your mind and body adapt, and how cool it feels to move in sync with 10 people. Check out the YMCA (21 Woodlawn Road) , Dartmouth Sportsplex (110 Wyse Road), SMUfit (920 Tower Road) or Dalplex (6260 South Street).

5 Bikram Yoga
A series of 26 postures designed by guru Birkam Choudhury takes place in a group setting that pushes each practitioner's personal thresholds. Yogis overcome physical and mental weaknesses in Bikram Yoga's (1567 Grafton Street) hot-room to improve skin, digestion, sleep and overall sense of being by mastering the challenging series.


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