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Canada Games rejects security theatre

There's no need to turn the Games into a police state.


Be afraid!

Fear, fear, fear! It's what keeps the military state alive, keeps the cops well-funded. It's your duty as a good citizen to be afraid. So, to help you along, at every turn, the powers that be need to inculcate fear, with visions of terrorists behind every bush, security theatre at every airport and bus stop, visions of out of control social faux pauses on every street corner.

It is, of course, a crock of shit. Generally speaking, our day-to-day lives are safer than at any time in human history, but there's a political agenda behind fear-mongering, and so that's what we get. The crime rate is plummeting, but never mind that--there's a police economy to support.

So good on Chris Morrissey, CEO of the Canada Games for standing up to it. Reports CP and the Chronicle-Herlad:

The CEO of the Canada Winter Games in Halifax was defending security preparations on the eve of the opening ceremonies.

Chris Morrissey confirmed Thursday that Dave Worrell, co-head of security for the Games, has resigned over concerns there is not enough security for the two-week event that opens today.

"Unfortunately, there’s a difference of opinion," Morrissey said in an interview.

"Dave thought to go his own way, but I’m comfortable based on my Canada Games experience . . . and the feedback we’ve been receiving that we are meeting, if not exceeding, some of the Canada Games standards.

"This will be a very safe environment for all participants involved in the Games."

Will this couple terrorize the Canada Games?
  • Will this couple terrorize the Canada Games?
Of course, the culture is so distorted by the security theatre nonsense that we're hearing blowback. "Security concerns overshadow Canada Games opening," states News 95.7; "some guy jumps a barrier n attacks athlete? security at another venue.. could b bad," says a Twitter follower, imagining Jeff Gillooly taking out half the synchronized swimming team.

This is silly, people. Nobody wants to hurt anyone at the Canada Games, and if there was some personal vendetta that could spill over to violence, all the cops in the world won't be able to prevent it.

Look: cops always want more equipment and more personnel and more guns and more metal detectors and more power and more importance. That's what cops do.

It's our duty to call bullshit and to restrain the police state. So Chris Morrissey is a breath of fresh air, saying enough is enough.

This is a wonderful start to the Games.

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