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Car insurer seeks thousands in court costs against NS pewter artist

Court of Appeal to weigh latest twists in legal saga



Halifax lawyers working on behalf of a big car insurance company are going after Nova Scotia pewter artist May Ocean for thousands of dollars in court costs. It's the latest turn in a legal marathon that began in December 2000 when Ocean was involved in a serious collision with an uninsured driver near her home in White's Lake, about 25 kilometres south of Halifax. The Coast first reported on the case in 2009 and has been following the courtroom battles ever since.

On May 31, NS Supreme Court Justice Deborah Smith finally ruled, after the first of three scheduled trials, that Ocean was 20 percent responsible for the crash. That decision came after about 25-days of Supreme Court hearings last fall. Ocean responded on June 28, by appealing the ruling claiming that the judge showed bias against her.

On July 11, the Economical Mutual Insurance Company filed its own appeal arguing that the judge should have required Ocean to pay thousands of dollars in court costs to cover the company's heavy legal expenses. In its notice of appeal, Economical claims Ocean, who is representing herself in court, unnecessarily prolonged last fall's hearings. Among other things, the company accuses her of repeatedly attempting to introduce irrelevant evidence; trying to embarrass and harass company representatives; seeking to cross-examine her own witnesses despite warnings from the judge not to do so and unjustly trying to categorize Economical as being "part of a vast corporate insurance industry-based conspiracy against her."

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