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Nostalgic metal sounds, enviable hair and local hero Myles Deck grace the Pavilion stage Friday when Cauldron kicks out the jams


Cauldron puts it all on the table Friday.
  • Cauldron puts it all on the table Friday.

w/Metalheart, Dumpster Mummy, Black Moor

Friday, October 19 at The Pavilion, 5816 Cogswell Street, 6pm, $10

Some of our brightest leave the Maritimes for Canada's bigger cities, with dreams of stable employment and stronger economies. It's in the news all the time. But how many move away to drum in a traditional heavy metal band?

Switching out three drummers since 2007, Toronto's classic-metal shred-machine, Cauldron, invited long-time Halifax hunk Myles Deck into the fold, with sexy results. "I think we are now the tallest metal band in the world," says vox/bassist Jason Decay, referencing Cauldron's collective height (all over six feet, Deck just needs long acid-bleached locks).

Laughs aside, Decay says Deck's transition has been great. "His relocation half-way across this massive landscape really shows his dedication. We are looking forward to a good long future with him," says Decay.

Cauldron recently released a fourth LP, Tomorrow's Lost, on Earache Records, which Decay says is refined, straight to the point and more diverse from song to song than previous releases. The difference? Involving guitarist Ian Chains in song-writing.

"I think he helps filter out the crap and [he] brings a fresh perspective to the music," Decay says, of the classic Judas Priest/Anvil sounds that Cauldron resurrects. "It's the stuff we grew up on and still hold most dearly to this day," he says, "It's real, honest and sincere. We are huge fans of it, why play anything else? We capture it by not cheating ourselves. It's a simple approach: our records are only as good as we are."

Cauldron w/Metalheart, Dumpster Mummy, Black Moor, Friday, October 19 at The Pavilion, 5816 Cogswell Street, 6pm, $10

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