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Cool-as-hell teens are tagging this city with some kickass graffiti

Rock on, youths. 🤘😜


  • Fuck yeah.

The kids, as they say, are alright.

Some seriously awesome youths have picked up their spraypaint cans and unleashed anarchy on Halifax's streets.

“On a busy-stretch of the Bedford Highway, a billboard advertises a garden centre, but only the sharpest-eyed motorists would notice it’s now also advertising something else,” reports CTV Atlantic's Bruce Frisko.

“Although definitions vary, the general consensus is it’s a symbol of anarchy, a political-system advocating self-governed societies, and Haligonians have been seeing a lot of it lately.”

The apparently mysterious symbol has been found on a billboard, retaining wall and bus shelter in Bedford. Earlier this week, the same culprits or perhaps different cool people also tagged the Catholic Church on Oxford Street and—amazingly—five different greens at “a popular golf course.”

This is tremendous. Well done. - VIA THE INTERNET
  • This is tremendous. Well done.

The golf course improvement happened the same night similar graffiti was spraypainted onto statues at the Mount Olivet Cemetery on Mumford Road.

The Coast's news department (me) wants to stress that damaging the final resting place of people's loved ones is not something we support.

But vandalizing golf courses always has been, and always will be, extremely awesome.

In its continuing coverage of this vital issue, CTV reports that Halifax Regional Police investigators have not yet determined if there's a pattern to the madness, “but investigations could ramp-up quickly if that changes.”

The supper-hour newscast notes the anarchy symbol is “sometimes associated with the left-wing political-network called ‘Antifa.’”

Though the group does “have a presence” in Nova Scotia, CTV says they’re denying having anything to do with the bitchin' paintwork.

“Why would we attack a religious institute of any sort?” someone on Facebook tells CTV. “Where would that make any sense? We step-up and fight against racism and ignorance. What would be the point of vandalizing any church property of any form?”

Of course, there's no proof yet it is, in fact, the youths behind this entrepreneurial endeavour. The anarchy symbols could just as easily have been spraypainted by some radical seniors or ageing Gen X'ers.

About the only thing we know for certain is that whoever is behind these acts, they are certifiably cool.

If someone you know is tagging all these bus shelters, billboards and golf courses, let them know they're absolute legends.

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