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Dustin Harvey used to be such a trusting young man. One year ago, he happily promoted his new stage production Winding Up Godot, a parody of the classic Waiting for Godot starring wind-up toys. Unfortunately, the estate of Samuel Beckett found out about Harvey’s little spoof (possibly from a Coast article) and threatened to sue him for copyright infringement.

Lesson learned, Harvey is keeping things secretive this time around. Over the past year, he has been working on a new one-man production called Cowboy Show, starring himself and local musician Andrew Cull. The show is the second in a series of four productions that Harvey is producing specifically for small audiences. Cowboy Show will be playing for one night only, for two shows on Sunday the 25th at 8pm and 10:30pm, with a very limited number of seats avaliable.

But if you want to know where it’s taking place, you’re going to have to buy a ticket.

“There’s a bit of rigmarole that the audience will have to go through before seeing the show. We’re meeting somewhere first and then taking them to the actual venue,” he explains.

Harvey isn't revealing too much about the content of the performance, either, but he does offer a few morsels of intriguing information.

“It’s a bit of a commentary on a great American hero who happens to be a cowboy,” he says. “It’s a deconstruction of one of the greatest spectacles in western cultures. We’re just not telling you what the spectacle is.”

If all this secrecy seems a bit odd, it’s all intended to be part of the experience.

“The secret is supposed to be the exciting part,” Harvey explains. “We’re not really expecting a traditional theatre audience anyway. There’s almost as much music in the show as there is text, and it’s not really a traditional show as it is.”

And besides, for a man who has already been once threatened with a lawsuit, secrets are always a good way to cover your butt.

“The hero in the play was a real person, but he’s dead. But as we found out in the past, if we make fun of anyone who is super-famous, we end up getting sued!”

September 25 at 2201 Gottingen, 8pm and 10:30pm, or 483-2023

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