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Credit for the Gala


I really should be in bed, given the week I have ahead of me. Must pace myself. But I’m still juiced by an eventful evening.

First off was The Tragically Hip.

Yes, I missed the Gala Screening of Shake Hands With The Devil. That’s because I saw it on Wednesday, so it’s not like I’m falling down on the job. I just don’t entirely understand why it is so many big concerts come through town right in the midst of the festival… last year it was Metric (this year too… they play Friday night) and the year before, Pearl Jam. Don’t they know music fans want to go to movies, too? And where were these bands in August?

Well, it all worked out. The Hip were great, coming on early enough (and playing “Boots or Hearts”---yay!---and David Bowie’s “Queen Bitch”) that I was able to stroll down to Argyle afterwards to catch the big party… and all of Buck 65. He was awesome, funny, and jazzed with new material from his forthcoming album. He really does have an appetite for novelty, settled with his cover of “Fishheads.”

The crowd was abuzz about premier Rodney MacDonald’s announcement of the government’s plan to up the film industry tax credit to 50 percent, with an extra rebate of 5 percent for productions shooting outside Halifax and another 5 for frequent fliers, or production companies that shoot more than three films in two years. He made the announcement at the screening to much positive reaction, high fives and such. This is expected to give the region a serious boost in business. So, there was plenty to celebrate at the party.

I flitted around, enjoying the schmooze. Rick Warden, one of the producers of Growing Op, the Michael Melski-directed comedy that went to New Brunswick for the better deal they could offer at the time, was there, looking as one does while right smack in the midst of a production: slightly frazzled. I noted the presence of many CBC folks, a number of producers and filmmakers, all enjoying the appies and the tunage. Some even went the black tie route. The always delightful Jill Barber was working her black velvet ensemble with a jauntily angled bonnet, quickly becoming a trademark. Now she’ll read this and totally go another way the next time, just to be contrary.

So, yeah. Nice party, AFF folks. Thanks for the invite. (CK)


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