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Dalgona Coffee is my new self-isolation coping strategy

For once, an Instagram trend that's worth following.


Meet your new mama. - THE COAST
  • Meet your new mama.
I’m a lactose-intolerant, strict americano drinker—or at least I was pre-quarantine. But today, I made that cool whipped coffee thing that's all over Instagram (I know you've seen it too) and I might never go back.  Borne from the rich cafe culture of South Korea and carrying no pedigree (it's made from instant coffee, so save your single-origin dark roast for another day), The Dalgona is a cold coffee drink named after a South Korean toffee candy.

It's also the exact dry-hump of sugary sweet novelty your tastebuds need, it being the apocalypse and all. A sort of reverse latte with a tawny cloud of pillowy, icing-like coffee whip crowning milk, water or—pro move—a full glass of JD Shore’s Rum Cream, it'll give you the boost you need to pull yourself from emo-staring out the window.

Here's how to make the now-viral recipe:  Take equal parts instant coffee, sugar and hot water (2 tbsp each is one serving). You also, as mentioned above, need your base beverage of choice like milk or water (losers) or some kind of milk substitute/rum. 

The elixir, pre-elbow grease.
  • The elixir, pre-elbow grease.
The whole thing about this is you need to whip the insta-coffee, sugar, and water together until they become this meringue-like consistency with stiff peaks and almost a light, peanut-butter-y colour. The end result is a lighter than air… mousse… icing... topping...thing? I have no idea but it’s amazing. You can use a stand mixer, but, based on a cursory glance at any Instagram live feed, most people are doing some form of at-home-workout right now so why not try your hand (and arm) at 15-20 minutes of high-speed, manual whisking? (Or about eight listens to the ultimate whipping theme song, Devo's "Whip It Good.")

After you are at the desired consistency (you will know) you gently top your base drink (ahem, rum glass) with this bittersweet mixture.
Once you whip it, good.
  • Once you whip it, good.

Now, this step cannot be forgotten: TAKE YOUR PHOTOS NOW, DO NOT DRINK IT YET. It is your best opportunity to capture all that hard work and since you aren’t leaving your house anytime soon, there is real meaning to the phrase “photo or it didn’t happen”. Find the best natural light in your house and get snap happy. 
You will probably want to mix it up but I encourage you to try it straight from the cup. She is pretty thick (thicc?) so don’t be alarmed if a little gets on your face.  Feel free to stir it in (you 'grammed it already) and enjoy. The mixture is so thick when mixed with milk but it doesn’t lose the coffee taste (like watered down iced coffee beverages often do) and when you are done with glass one you can fill it back up again with milk or water (or rum) and your back at it for glass two.
Sweet, frothy proof. - THE COAST
  • Sweet, frothy proof.
So no, you don’t need to become a five star chef, write a novel, become an artist, lose 10 pounds, start a blog, or even be all that productive during these end-of-days days. But you do need to make this whipped coffee thing. Stay safe, pals.


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