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Re: “Rain on my Pride Parade

"So...it's not a legal right to smoke weed in public, got it."
No you missed it. People who are allowed to smoke cannabis can smoke it anywhere there hasn't been a request by the person in charge of public or private establishments to not smoke (because their in charge of that establishment). Technically a person with a license can smoke in a grocery store, in a bank, in a reastaurant, the list goes on and on. Saying it is not a legal right to smoke in public is like saying it is not a legal right to breast feed in public. Their both a medical requirment. As a medical requirement section 7 of the charter can be used as a legal right to smoke medical cannabis in public. If it is not written as illegal then it is legal, end of story.

"News flash, this is NS, not BC. That info is invalid"
No it is not BC that is why I said here in NS it is illegal to make and eat cookies or oil or anything for that matter. Your invalid. The charter challenge was to strike down the FEDERAL law that makes those things illegal. Because it was in BC it is still illegal here in NS.

"David, your "right to smoke pot" ends when you infringe on other peoples rights"
Your right except the government and the courts decide where the rights end and begin. They balance the public interest with the private interest. At this point in time the individuals rights to smoke their medical cannabis is important enough to outweigh the public interest. That means until you prove in court that patients are somehow infringing on your rights, we have the right.

I am not saying that a license should be an excuse for the abandonment of common sense or being ignorant of what your allowed and not allowed to do. Smoking at a gas station or smoking in a scent free workplace or smoking in an establishment that has policys for medical cannabis, or etc, the patient should know the laws in their jurisdiction. Medicating in a public place in Nova Scotia is allowed. Medicating in Capital Health even with a vaporizer is not allowed because capital health has a policy for medical cannabis.

You mentioned a landloard. If I was a patient and the place was my primary residence then I am legally allowed to grow and medicate in my residence and I do not need the permission of my landloard to do that. It is my right because there is no law that I am breaking.

I would think on a day of acceptance there would be a little more of it.

If you think that patients should not be allowed to smoke medical cannabis in canada and that your rights are infringed upon go talk to a lawyer cause untill you prove in court that your rights gaurnteed under the charter are indeed being infringed upon by the rights of the medical cannabis patient arguing here is only going to show how ignorant you are. (I say ignorant kindly, it is not your fault your ignorant, the first step is admitting you have a problem). Personally I think you will have a better chance making peanut products in a public place illegal.

The reason Angry Gay Leather Man was not arrested is because he was not breaking any law. Submit, try to do something that has actual meaning (like going to court to prove your argument), or continue to get frustrated because your ignorant (again not said in a derogatory way, please educate yourself).

I have a question for you, where does the insanity end? If your walking down the street and you can smell cannabis from someones house are your rights being infringed upon? Do I need 100 acres of private property just to be able to medicate when required? Stop being so self centered. You live in a society with risk. If we did things your way nobody would be allowed to drive because driving fatalities are amongst the highest in Canada.

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Posted by David Shea on 08/05/2012 at 12:14 PM

Re: “Rain on my Pride Parade

*Points finger at themax* HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA OHHHH MERCY!

I find body oder and fumes from vehicles and smells from bbq's and purfumes and houses with woodstoves and hair spray and bad breath and the smell of a bathroom and the smells of household cleaners and smell of food on clothes and the smell of a wet dog and the smell of a farm and etc highly offensive and makes me sick.

Good thing all those things are legal to do and I'm not an oppresive dictator.

If your getting sick from the smells of cannabis you need to call a doctor right away because your a statastical anonomly and there might be something wrong with you. Seriously, out of all the science revied by and posted on Health Canada's website there is not one indication that cannabis in low doses has ever made anybody sick. Science dude!

Talking about statistics (it's the fancy word for science) I wonder how many people have died from peanut allergies because they were in a public place and was affected by someone eating a peanut product?

I'm calling it, you problem is ignorance/discrimination. I'm proudly out of the marijuana closet, it is legal, you live in a society where it is legal. Your ego is to large for the Canadian public cause god forbid we not think your all important.

Why all the hate and self centerdness?

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Posted by David Shea on 08/05/2012 at 2:59 AM

Re: “Rain on my Pride Parade

For your first question Hugo
Health Canada application form E1
"Given the nature of marihuana and the fact that the provision of marihuana is for your personal treatment needs, Health Canada recommends not consuming this controlled substance in a public place. Please take note that persons in charge of public or private establishments (e.g., bars and restaurants) can request that you not smoke marihuana on their premises, even if you have authority to possess marihuana for medical purposes. There may also be municipal bylaws that prevent smoking. In addition, others should not be exposed to second-hand marihuana smoke."

You will notice they say recommend not that it is illegal to do so.

The nova scotia smoke free places act is for tobacco only http://nslegislature.ca/legc/statutes/smok… . Don't belive me read it and notice how it references tobacco, still don't believe me call the department of health and ask. Maritimers Unite for Medical Marihuana had tried to book dartmouth commons and we were told we were not allowed because it was expected there would be marihuana smoked there. I am the person that got to the bottom of it all and that decision was overturned by me. Smoking cannabis in public is legal

Consumables are illegal for patients for these reasons
Marihuana Medical Access Regulations are the regulations that allow canadians to apply for legal cannabis (marihuana) [ever wonder why canada calls marijuana marihuana?]. Cannabis (marihuana) is cannabis that has been dried. Any other substance that is not cannabis (marihana) is illegal. In british columbia there has been a recent charter challenge that dealt with that issue. http://canlii.ca/en/bc/bcsc/doc/2012/2012b… Unfortunatly as I do speak to Owen Smith on occasion (the guy in that case that proved in BC court that edibles and stuff being illegal is unconstitutional) told me that this decision does not yet apply to all of Canada (it was a BC court so unless the government doesn't appeal or it goes to supreme court of canada or something to that effect)

As for the issue regarding asthma, you should report your statistical anonamly as an adverse reaction to health canada because the science (statistics) shows it is actually beneficial for an asthma patient (in small amounts[second hand smoke outdoors would certainly qualfy]).

As for nausea from the smell, again statistically that is not normal.

I can't point you to a law that says smoking cannabis is legal but I know you can't point out a law that says smoking cannabis is illegal here in nova scotia. I would put money on it.

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Posted by David Shea on 08/02/2012 at 11:23 AM

Re: “Rain on my Pride Parade

If your worried about the patients health then give advice, don't belittle. The law allows smoking until the person in charge of a property requests a person stop smoking. Some patients have legitimate reasons to smoke cannabis though I agree if a hand held vaporizer can be as effective for the individual then take the healthy path. Anything that is not cannabis (marihuana) is considered illegal even with a Health Canada license. So cookies and oil and tinctures etc are all illegal.

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Posted by David Shea on 07/31/2012 at 11:14 PM

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