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Day 7: Keith’s vs Colt 45 and Onion rings vs Donair egg rolls

The hometown brew tries to make you black out the perfect nostalgia in a bottle and a classic steps in the ring with something new

It's Day 7 and things are really starting to get heated, read up here if you're just coming out of hibernation. Inspired by the NCAA, and Jezebel we're going full march madness with a duel between 16 beers and 16 bar snacks. What will come out on top? Only time will tell.

Before we talk about what's on the docket for today, let's have a look at yesterday's results. Early on in the day it almost seemed like the non-alcoholic I Can't Believe it's Not Beer (Wait, Yes I Can) had a chance, eeking out a 50-50 split before noon, but then you dirty boozehounds came cruising in with your "Wait a minute, what tools are voting for O'Doul's" lunch-time hankerings and let loose the Granite fans kicking it up to an 81-18 split that lasted till this morning. The poor wannabe-beer never stood a chance, leaving O'Doul's fans with nothing to drown their sorrows in besides their own tears. On the quick, get this in my mouth front, loaded up pertaters happily stomped through that little town of fried pepperoni, burning as it went. No amount of honey mustard is going to revive them. I want to say I'm surprised but I'm not.

Today, it's all about loyalty, folks. Seed number four, Keith's, is coming out of the downtown gates strong looking for cheers all the way up to the nose-bleed section but can our seed number 13, Colt 45, draw on a deep-seated nostalgia and army of bros to take home a surprise win? It's up to you.

And on the tasty side of things, we've got the ultimate classic (seed number six), goes good with everything, why aren't I eating it right now? O of deliciousness. Obviously I'm talking about onion rings. One of the only vegetables that managed to beat its healthy roots and take up on the clogged arteries side of town. From beer-battered to greasy paper bag and into your stomach—there's really no stopping it. The mouth-watering giant goes up against new on the scene (at least to me) donair eggrolls. I don't know why they had to mess with a good thing but there's always someone who wants to take the best of both worlds, put 'em together and ruin it for everyone. I don't know, maybe they're not quite as disgusting as they sound, you tell me.

Voting closes on Monday, and if you'd like to be kept in the loop of our March Madness madness, click here for daily reminders.


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