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Day two, part one

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you've already missed your favourite song at a gig? Maybe the band started early or you arrived late--either way it sucks.

At an event like the HPX, you run the risk of not only missing favourite songs, but possibly missing favourite acts altogether, just because of the schedule. That's happened to me in the past, but not last night. Last night was perfect, better than I could have hoped.

First, I caught a last minute ride across the bridge, so I managed to catch the first few opening acts at The Marquee and in Hell (three cheers for Mr. LaPointe!). I'm so glad I did, because On Vinyl, Yellow and The Hot Springs all managed to impress me, for different reasons that I may go into later (time is of the essence when you're running late and you accidentally delete an entire blog entry before uploading it...).

(But I do need to take a moment to acknowledge how much I loved The Hot Spring's lead singer's way of addressing Chad Van Galaan: "Chad Van GaWOOO!" I think this should be a trend, addressing people but substituting "WOOO!" for the last syllable. You know, Eddie Van HaWOOO, David Lee WOOO, Michael CatanWOOO....)

Back to my point. With all the running up and down the stairs at the venue, I can't believe I managed to catch as many gold moments as I did. I think my biggest personal score was catching Chad Van Galaan singing Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" (Mr. Van Galaan, would you maybe like to dance with me sometime?), then somehow timing the split between North of America and Death By Nostalgia just right so I could catch my favourite song by each band. Wowza. And then still seeing most of Ted Leo but getting to the Attic in time to watch 40 minutes of Priestess.

Gotta head out the door again; a certain Welsh gentleman staying at my house needs to get some supper before his sure-to-be-awesome performance tonight at Ginger's and I have to attend a board meeting (note to self: never agree to attend a board meeting on the Friday of Pop Explosion weekend). Then I must continue with my mission of rock. Tonight: splitting the time between Ginger's and Stage Nine, and possibly catching more Ted Leo (YOU ARE A SEXY LITTLE HOT CHOCOLATE AND I LOVE YOUR SWEATER VEST. YOU OOZE JOE JACKSON-NESS. DARLING.) at the Pavilion if the meeting gets out in time.

I have photos. I am just too rushed and possibly computer stupid to post them here now. They'll be up later...expect some fantastic rock poses by Ms. Hot Springs - she is adorable with all her classic cockrock poses, isn't she? Sigh. I think I have a crush on everyone who played yesterday.

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