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Deranged Love: The David Hasselhoff Story

A lesson in what not to do



It seems at every festival at least one play serves as notice of what not to do when staging a production. For whatever reason, Deranged Love took the unwanted prize on this day. The idea looked great on paper: David Hasselhoff - a caricature of cheese actors born to be skewered - goes to hell after popping one too many prescription pills with vodka and makes a deal with the devil to return to the land of the living if he wins a reality TV competition. Sounds perfect for a Fringe environment. However, when the lead shows up on stage to a Western soundtrack, telling the audience that the Hasselhoff character couldn’t make it and is now being played by Clint Eastwood, it’s hard to swallow. Throw together a convoluted plot, performances that feel as though they were rehearsed with only a few hours to spare, and it’s a recipe for disaster. To all young playwrights, actors, and directors: if the lead actor doesn’t show for any reason, make sure to have someone well practiced to step in at a moment’s notice, or cancel the show for the day. It will save everyone involved the embarrassment, and most importantly, it will save those who bought a ticket their time and money. Seen on Sept. 2

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