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Re: “Q&A: Phil Otto says “stop being assholes”

One really GOOD brand change would be to STOP some self serving, small minded, power tripping city workers from abusing their own by laws and killing Halifax tourism & the economy! Stop attacking productive, tax paying, law abiding citizens, small businesses, home owners and even the kids, who would otherwise contribute. Halifax can start by doing one thing right that is DECADES OVERDUE. Stop allowing BULLIES to abuse their powers! Whether the former corrupt Mayor, other politicians, city officials, media people, outside interests, pushy lawyers or police!

The world saw how social media, school officials, local police, EVERYONE ignored the pleas of one bullied student, Rehteah Parsons for almost TWO years. How she was abused & abandoned & finally took her own life to escape the harassment. HRM preferred to cover it all up, the way they always do. Sweep it under the rug & hide the truth. Other well known cases of negligence, incompetence and indifference stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Like the negative campaign against Francesca Rogier. This entrepreneurial woman came to Halifax from the US with an architectural degree & expertise to contribute to the city's development and bought a house with hopes of also building a new life in Halifax. Instead she found herself repeatedly duped and mired in a decidely negative & hostile campaign by HRM city workers to discredit her in order to cover up their own mistakes & violations. She was publicly abused & ridiculed, her reputation ruined for trying to save her dog's life over a few minor scuffles with a neighbour's dog! The city's Animal Services manager and Prosecutor have made it their mission to KILL BRINDI for the past SIX years... vindictively wasting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in the process to emotionally, physically and financially destroy Francesca and her dog, while lying to the courts and the media about the facts! BRINDI has served more time in dog years at Wyndenfog prison & with NO visitation rights, than serial killers do in this country!! Yet she has never committed a crime nor even bitten ANYONE. This gentle dog passed five independent evaluations, yet the city won't release her, even to the many foster homes offered. An innocent dog being wrongfully held in solitary confinement over FIVE YEARS on death row because of a corrupt HRM and confusingly backwards court system.

With the malfeasance, negative & backward attitude of law enforcement and city authorities on these two cases alone, many people from all over will NEVER visit Halifax. It is too late for sweet Rehteah, but not too late to release Brindi before they KILL her. It is critical that Halifax do the right thing this time if only to save its own bad reputation. Then fire all the abusers involved and prosecute THEM. That would set a good example for changing the culture at city hall too.

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Posted by dmt on 08/09/2014 at 12:01 PM

Re: “Update: Justice Arthur LeBlanc rules for Angela Jones

HRM's Returning Officer, Cathy Mellet sounds wilfully obtuse, overzealous, devious, even corrupt to me, just like the politics of the former Mayor and much of his council. If she was so concerned about the "rules" why did she not advise Ms. Jones of the discrepancy BEFORE the deadline, rather than AFTER. Based on the way this administrator mishandled her role, perhaps she should be put on permanent leave herself. There is far too much corruption in Halifax already.

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Posted by dmt on 10/20/2012 at 10:30 PM

Re: “Brindi and the True Believers

@Ferkel who has already identified herself as Francesca Rogier ~ I APPLAUD YOU! For your incredible patience, honour, dedication & courage throughout this entire unjustified & unnecessary ordeal that the HRM has put you through! You have been unbelievably forgiving of all the negligence, incompetence, lies & abuse not only from Animal Services, but from Derek and Christine Graham at the Wyndenfog Kennel and the nameless, faceless, ruthless BULLIES who blindly accept everything they spew, then vindictively choose to further victimize the VICTIMS! An innocent dog and the owner who loves her. You and Brindi have both been so egregiously wronged!!! Shame on all those cowards involved. But nobody else could possibly have educated these people any better!!! Your clarity, compassion & tolerance is remarkable!

My hope however, is that it did not go over their heads. Because almost everything else in the past 4 yrs has, despite all the indisputable documentation you have provided. Do you think any of the naysayers have even read it? It seems painfully obvious that Tim Bousquet hasn't!! Regardless, Brindi believers including myself will continue to support you & Brindi 100% and I hope you DO sue for damages when this whole miscarriage of justice is over. You certainly have more than enough grounds!

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Posted by dmt on 10/14/2012 at 11:53 AM

Re: “Brindi and the True Believers

Oooooo, I'm sooooo scared Mess-enger... was that yet another threat??? Well pass this on to all your alter egos... You are sooo transparent you're becoming a joke. I only speak for myself, since I don't know any of the honest, decent REAL people posting here, and I don't pull the strings on any puppets the way you do. The one thing ALL Brindi supporters DO have in common is THE TRUTH. And a force for TRUE JUSTICE. If Tim wants to call that TRUE BELIEVERS, so be it. Unlike you, WE have no need to LIE about ANYTHING. The facts speak for themselves. You simply LIE about EVERYTHING in a desperate attempt to cover all your other lies ~ but the gig's up. Epic FAIL. Smarter people than you, recognize that the more you dig, the bigger that hole gets, the harder it is for your small mind to remember all those BIG LIES and keeping your pseudo-names straight. Yeah REALLY! You're not fooling anyone, except maybe yourself... HA!

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Posted by dmt on 10/13/2012 at 9:01 PM

Re: “Brindi and the True Believers

As long as you continue to make excuses for your actions Mr/Mrs Graham of Wyndenfog Kennel, we'll just have to keep setting the record straight for the thinking public, anyone who actually cares, and for all those who drank the Kool Aid, Tim Bousquet referred to above.

You claim to be "responsible practitioners"? By your own admission & failure to act, not renewing BOTH your business licenses for TWO BUSINESSES, as well as having your kennel license suspended TWICE, you have demonstrated exactly how IRRESPONSIBLE and negligent in fact, you ARE! Public records of your kennel history were posted earlier in this thread, so you're really not fooling anyone here, other than the aforementioned KoolAid drinkers.

It is laughable that you would play the "military" card to milk some kind of public sympathy because you were serving your country in Afghanistan and therefore forgot about these renewals. Was your wife/business partner, who was running the business right here in in Halifax every day, the one who writes your posts under various code names, correcting all your spelling & grammar mistakes, also incapable of keeping that commitment? Just a simple renewal form & a cheque to write, nothing complicated about that, or is that such a daunting task for BOTH of you to complete? Apparently so. Yet you seem to have "friends" at the Registrar who didn't mind waiving ALL fees/fines for these multiple oversights? Sure sounds like yet another conflict of interest we'll have to look into further. In fact, if Fran hadn't exposed your kennel as UN-licensed just a few weeks ago, it is highly doubtful you would have renewed & paid your kennel license at all. Even HRM was negligent NOT checking that before locking Brindi up there. More incompetence.

As for your unsolicited advice to "check your bitterness before you approach the keyboard too … all that negative energy is bad for your health" there is no bitterness here, only TRUTH TELLING. Those of us who KNOW the TRUTH have to stop this endless smear campaign. It would serve you well to stop swallowing your own KoolAid. Or... was that just another one of your veiled threats again, like the GUN you posted on facebook with a similar threat! From where I'm sitting, you're the ones full of venom & spite, you are the ones on shakey ground. You can't be trusted to tell the truth, the whole truth or barely even half the truth, even under oath. So why should anyone believe that you're taking proper care of Brindi?? You seem to have a lot to hide there as well, since you never allow any visitations, even from her own Vet, already paid for by Fran! Many of us suspect you are badly neglecting her vet care, dental check ups, mental & physical well being, exercise,and denying her the love & companionship of Francesca w/o visits, harshly imposing so many restrictions on everything else. Try spinning that one military man!

Again, you demonstrate your great lack of responsibility, indifference, how little you care about Brindi's well being, keeping her caged and isolated for so long. Not weeks, or months but YEARS! Without even ONE evaluation which the court ordered, in all that time. Why not? What decent animal people would refuse to even LOOK for a proper foster home, despite qualified offers. Why not? It's all about YOU and YOUR profit. Just follow the money folks! They're getting paid by HRM with YOUR tax dollars. Does that sound right to you Haligonians? You certainly cannot blame this one on the dog or on Fran... because she's been repeatedly asking to have Brindi fostered from the second HRM unnecessary HRM seizure to the present day, after they refused to release her from that CAGE!! You should be fuming mad at HRM animal services for wasting all this time AND money.... PROFIT, POWER, MONEY, EGOS. Those are the REAL reasons for such cruel & unusual punishment. Halifax wrongly foots the bills, Brindi wrongly suffers the life sentence, while HRM & company are GUILTY on all counts. It's unconscionable & unconstitutional too.

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Posted by dmt on 10/13/2012 at 2:32 AM

Re: “Brindi and the True Believers

As a matter of fact, Francesca Rogier and Brindi have taken far too much abuse for too long, from power tripping fat egos in the HRM, from the kennel owners themselves (Derrick & Christine Graham) Macdonald, Scolaro & animal services who have all been deceptive & manipulative, vindictive neighbours, animal haters and pinheads who apparently still don't recognize a highly dysfunctional and corrupt situation.

No intelligent person thinks it is moral or humane to confine any dog to a small cage in a kennel, year after year after year! Yes, rather than placing the dog in a foster home as the court instructed, your HRM city staff have flipped the finger to the courts and you, the taxpayer by disobeying that order, wasting tens of $1000's of public funds in this unethical & un-precedented prosecution of an innocent dog for two minor scuffles with other dogs near her property ~ when NO ONE WAS EVER HURT. Then HRM further shirked responsibilities by blaming Brindi's owner for their OWN incompetence, and for doing what any good owner would ~ stepping up to save her pet's life! Ridiculous? WAKE UP AND SEE THIS FOR WHAT IT IS! Sometimes the most painful thing is having one's eyes OPENED!!!

From the beginning, this overkill has been a big EGO TRIP by the "powers that be" who now must SAVE FACE in light of their own glaring negligence. Even worse, they have failed to honour their responsibilities. Failed in their duty to care for the well being of the dog, failed in due process, failed to do what they are paid to do (with public funds) These same people have failed to get even ONE evaluation of the dog. Why? Because they know that would expose them for the fraud they committed. They know that they will NEVER get any expert to condemn Brindi because she is a gentle, well trained dog ~ NOT a danger to the public at all. Just as every one of the FIVE independent evaluations (paid for by the dog's owner) have responsibly found and reported. These are public record, FACTS which your incompetent and/or corrupt HRM representatives cannot dispute. Yet they continue to ignore, deny, cover up and lie about all of the above ~ even in court under oath! And they have self righteously done so at the expense of taxpayers, the expense of the dog's physical and mental health & well being, at the financial & emotional expense of Brindi's owner and at the expense of an impending lawsuit which once again the taxpayers will have to pay for. They continue to flaunt the law... and why not, they answer to no one. And you keep supporting them, letting them waste your money. Why? Because their "entitled" egos say they can.

It's time to put the blame right back where it belongs... squarely on the shoulders of your HRM city staff, who screwed up from the start, and just continue to screw up, day after day, month after month, year after year. Where and when will this deplorable dysfunction end! Beating up the owner Francesca is never going to make them right, nor vindicate these HRM bullies. No matter how many times, the same lies are repeated, facts are distorted, there is NO justification for this trumped up "case". Every nasty bit of mudslinging here will never be justified. Harsh words, wrongful actions, incompetence, deliberate obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty can and will ultimately hurt everyone!

In the meantime, the uninformed, vindictive and the guilty have all contributed to the abuse of an innocent dog. Rruthlessly blaming her owner doesn't make the wrongdoing right, nor right those wrongs. It only compounds the mistakes & wrongdoing. All the false & empty accusations serve no one, and hurt everyone. And it just might come back to bite you. God help anyone who finds themselves in a situation even remotely similar, expecting any kind of TRUE justice from a Halifax court. You won't likely get that here. But you'll have nobody else to blame when you keep enabling bullies, or become bullies yourselves in a misguided cause against another ordinary citizen, forced into extraordinarily cruel circumstances.

Perpetuating the hatred & lies really hurts everyone. Everyone except the corrupt and the immoral who know exactly who they are... and it's time they admitted their mis-steps in deliberately prolonging this travesty of justice. Otherwise, nobody wins. In fact, everyone loses.

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Posted by dmt on 10/11/2012 at 4:14 PM

Re: “Brindi and the True Believers

It is so obvious that people behind the labels Frida, JAK and Real PO have REAL issues with the truth, and likely have a lot to hide as they're so desperate to spout venom, villify the victims, bury the truth and spin everyone into their web of DECEIT. If Haligonians want the REAL WHOLE TRUTH about Brindi's case, check out the facts for yourself on the Save Brindi facebook page and documents on the Humane Halifax website. This is a matter of public record and Ms. Rogier and supporters have NO need to manufacture anything the way the trolls & haters do... all those who love to twist facts & tell outright lies to cover up all the wrongdoing by the HRM & Animal Services. Your motives are so transparent! Ratepayers who know are rightfully furious with THEM for this whole mess from day one! Francesca is only trying to save her dog from a wrongful death sentence, and what true animal lover wouldn't try to save their pet from vindictive neighbours, then wilfully ignorant and corrupt officials!! Right from the beginning this was an unjustifiable, biased decision for reasons only the HRM knows. But rather than admit THEY were wrong, HRM continues to perpetuate the myths & wrongful charges against Brindi & Ms. Rogier to cover THEIR own a$$e$!! Wasting public funds on this witch hunt which is duplicitous, reprehensible and ILLEGAL!! Why would you believe self righteous haters who want to kill an innocent dog in the first place, then lock her up for FOUR YEARS in a sub standard facility at tax payers expense, without ANY assessment of their own as ordered by the court, nor accepting no less than FIVE independent evaluations from qualified people!! Believe their overkill actions, stealth & incompetent lack of compassion, not their ridiculous SPIN desperately sinking in a quagmire of their own making. Deeper and deeper in sheep and so full of it. This city is headed for a huge LAWSUIT if they don't release Brindi immediately ... with a full apology to Francesca, the tax payers and TRUE dog lovers everywhere!! Fess up or shut up!! Most Haligonians and readers of The Coast are not as gullible as you all seem to think they are!!

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Posted by dmt on 10/09/2012 at 8:58 PM

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