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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendo Wii (Retro Studios)


If you grew up in the early ’90s, chances are you owned one of Super Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country video games. Released by Rare in 1994, Donkey Kong Country became one of the standout titles for the SNES by mixing fluid graphics, thought-provoking gameplay and game physics that gave weight to the cartoon gorilla. Donkey Kong Country Returns comes 16 years after its first predecessor, but belongs in the same category of rich gameplay and overall fun as the first three games in the series. Released by Retro Studios for the Nintendo Wii, DKCR will not wow you with any technological breakthroughs. As opposed to more recent games that try to fully use the Wii Remote controller system, this game simply has you waving the remote up and down to simulate Donkey Kong’s “Ground Pound” attack and to blow away dandelions. The last move sounds pretty dumb, but for a video game that’s main premise is retrieving stolen bananas, it’s definitely a stand-out title from Nintendo this year.

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