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Election woes


To the editor,

I was saddened this morning to read about the impending fall of the federal government and the upcoming elections occuring this January. As a left-leaning liberal I was extremely dismayed with the conduct revealed in the Gomery report; however, it was clear relatively few Liberal party mem- bers were involved. I think the Liberals deserved a clear message from the Canadian people regarding their behaviour but this was clear in the last election. Most of my anger today involves the NDP and their provincial representatives from Nova Scotia. In the late '90s instead of working with the Nova Scotian Liberals to forge a moderately left-leaning agenda, they decided to topple the govern- ment. They allowed Conservatives to rule for almost a decade, causing losses to both the Liberals and the NDP. The Liberals rule best when the NDP is snapping at their heels as we recently saw with the $5.6 billion in social programs they funded at the NDP's request. I am very worried about voter apathy on the central left side come election time and I believe their actions will lead to a repeat of the debacle caused in Nova Scotia, on a grander scale. In the last half century Liberals have instituted free healthcare, CPP, old age pensions and have been the only party struggling to keep the country whole by championing bilingualism. I'm on contract in the US and every day I witness the desolation left by a conservative pro-corporate environment. Tuition fees over $20,000, lack of health care and a public school system favouring the rich are realities Nova Scotians may come to experience first hand. I hope you're satisfied with the results come election time, Ms. Mcdonough and Mr. Stoffer.

By Corey Skinner

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