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Enough of Kelly & Co.

It apalls me to think that my nose is right and my tax dollars are down the drain.


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To the editor,

I would like to thank Tim for a job well done. It's a well-researched article on Peter Kelly's sewage disaster.

It apalls me to think that my nose is right and my tax dollars are down the drain---at $333 million and climbing.

I work next to the harbour at a large public school, adjacent to one of the largest combined soccer fields in Metro. Myself and many colleagues have walked the area during the past year enjoying our newly cleaned harbour and fresher smelling air. My sniffer was in full swing.

Sometime this spring we heard the usual sound in the halls of the school: "Eww, what is that smell?" and replied, "Oh that must be the kids' boots," or "It's spring in the air." It did not take long for us to realize that "smell" was not usual, nor was it light.

Today of all days was the clincher. Sewage smell was coming straight from the harbour. We are not close to the CSOs, but we are certainly in the wind path. Disgusting, nauseating and painfully obvious to all.

What do we say to our visitors? "Oh, that's only the ocean breeze?" It sure is, and my sniffer is still working well. Sigh.

---Manon L. Roy, Dartmouth


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