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Exclusive: Q&A with "David Byrne"

Talking Heads tribute band plays funk party tonight


  • c/o Slippery People

Today at The Coast, we have a very special Q&A with Talking Heads frontman, "David Bryne," (Dale Boudreau) performing tonight at Menz Bar with tribute band Slippery People for THE FUNK AWAKENS with Talea and Unidentified Funk Object  ($5, 10pm). 

It's rare to have such a big-time musical celebrity talk about his legendary coolness but here we are: qu'est-ce que c'est. On top of that, very few people are born to be Bryne, but Boudreau Brynes. He's Byrnin' down the house. So if you haven't seen Slippery People yet, tonight's the night. 

"David Byrne" and me, 2012 - ADRIAN BRUHM
  • Adrian Bruhm
  • "David Byrne" and me, 2012

Tell me David, what's new? How's NYC? 
NYC is always bustling around this time of year.
It's getting cold. I stay warm with a hat and jacket.

What hits are you gonna' play tonight? 

Hits? I'm not sure about hits. We'll play songs that make people dance:  
"The Great Curve," "Cities," "Burning Down the House," and the like. 

What's the coolest thing about being you, David Byrne? 

I've always liked the way my body moves - makes me feel human. Most people don't get to truly experience their body moving to natural rhythms that is the essence of human nature.

Looking back, what's your favourite part of Stop Making Sense

Jonathan Demme, the director of Stop Making Sense, gave me a big hug
at the end but it didn't make the final movie cut. 

How do you prepare for a big show like THE FUNK AWAKENS?

Eat three meals a day, read at least an hour in afternoon, and drink plenty of water.

What's your favourite funk song? 

Lately I've been listening to Rick James, so lately - "Superfreak." 

What's Brian Eno like? Is he a douche? 

Brian Eno is Brian Eno - what can you say?
But he may have a cousin named Douche, I never asked.

Why do you like bicycling so much? 

Well firstly, the physical sensation of cycling is just exhilarating.
You're self-propelled and decide exactly where to go.
Cycling can be lonely too, but in a good way.
It gives you a moment to breath and reconnect, and get away.

What's your favourite holiday movie, David Byrne? 

. Saw it when it was released.
Blew my mind - really said a lot about fascism.

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