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Directed by Kyle Newman (Alliance)



Back when Fanboys was being readied for theatres, the internet angrily exploded. Set in the halcyon days of 1998 when Star Wars fans were still hopeful about the forthcoming prequels, this comedy is about a group of rabid "fanboys" on a quest to invade George Lucas' ranch, and steal a Phantom Menace rough cut. Why didn't they just wait until the film's release, like all us other, saner nerds?

One fanboy has cancer; he'll likely die before Episode I's released. The whole death thing didn't test well, so a second director (Steven Brill) was brought in to edit out the cancer and turn the film into a raunchy road movie, propelled by the cavorting of Dan "Manic Jackass" Fogler. Real-life fanboys, who'd long anticipated the movie, revolted; Brill called them "losers," further pissing off the film's only real audience.

Primary director Kyle Newman was given 36 hours to restore his original intent; semi-happy endings abound. But Fanboys still sucks. It's a mess of poor pacing, fan pandering (a Star Wars-er/Trekkie showdown; Kristen Bell in a Leia bikini; Carrie Fisher/Billy Dee Williams cameos), nerds-on-the-road movie cliches and too much damn Fogler. Putting the cancer subplot back in gives the movie reason to exist----but that doesn't make it watchable.

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