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Food chain letter


Dear editor,

So I came up with a business plan. I'll stuff a dog with a cat with a hamster, call it camsterog, and sell a whole pile of these meaty creations to Haligonians at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone will love me! And I sure won't be criticized for lacking complexity.

I may, however, be chastised for animal cruelty. Why, then, are Mike Chaisson's turducken endeavours appropriate? The article about him was completely offensive. Turducken is the product of an over-consuming, meat-crazy society. Instead of participating in the death of one bird, turducken consumers do three times the damage to living creatures. Four, considering it's stuffed with sausage. Chaisson described one of his creations as "a solid mass of meat that weighed more than 50 pounds." I wonder how many small towns the equivalent in grain would feed.

Do turducken eaters think about the fact they are eating parts of four different animals? Where did all that dead flesh on your table come from? No, these issues might make them feel squeamish. Just like eating your dog would make you feel uncomfortable. Best to avoid them altogether, or claim "it's all part of the food chain." So where does factory farming figure into the food chain?

The Coast aims to be provocative, entertaining and truthful. It is all these things, and pretty leftist, too. But one minority whose views the paper regularly fails to consider is vegetarians and vegans. It is rare that Liz Feltham orders a vegetarian, let alone a vegan, dish in her reviews. (She did well at Talay Thai, but it being an ethnic place, there are more options there than among typical Halifax fare.) I realize this city's vegan-option restaurants—and I don't mean only salad—are (sadly) few, but none have been reviewed in the past year.

Should this letter offend, keep in mind I'm just being provocative and truthful. Entertaining? Well, animal cruelty's not a very entertaining subject, is it?

By Claire Gallant

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