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Re: “Irresponsible Dog Owners at PPP

OK - seriously folks. Sir Meow - listen, you seem like a nice person. I understand you are trying to take on some kind of devil's advocate position here. But you are completely lacking context. Don't bother arguing that a 2yr old human being can potentially one day end up just as threatening or more-so than a dog in a park. It's not relevant. Everybody knows there are bad people in the world. My 2yr old isn't going to hurt you. This is supposed to be a conversation about the guidelines at PPP, the reality of which is that people are not following rules, it's making it suck for other people, and there is clearly a simple solution. People like SHITMD can't hear this. They jump to 'you hate dogs and dog owners' - 'there is no problem, you just want to complain so you can take away my rights at the park', etc, etc. It's exhausting.

And SHITMD - guess who it sucks for the most at that restaurant? The parents. Parents exercise judgment on a constant basis throughout the day, making a thousand decisions, and sometimes we'll make some mistakes and our toddlers will annoy some people. That's our problem, though, we made our own bed, the rewards of which far outweigh any superficial annoyances. Shitty dog owners make mistakes, and the outcomes can be horrible. Show some empathy - as I'm sure you were just as annoying as a kid- and still are as far as I'm concerned. Regardless, stop trying to make the point that this is about dog haters, etc. You say we have a shitty attitude about us sharing space? Really, that hilarious to me. This was brought up to address a problem - dog owners not following rules and it sucking for other people. It is those other people who have the shitty attitude about sharing the space. Our vent is no different than your vent about kids in a restaurant - oh wait - it is - because those kids aren't breaking any rules and have equal rights to you. And it is you, ma'am, with the shitty attitude about sharing space - clearly stated in your last post complaining that a kid completely ruined your day at the pub (hilarious) and by posting the first reply here telling Visionre to "shut the fuck up - your kid is worse than my dog". So why don't YOU shut the fuck up already? Leave this place. Make fun of somebody else's 'dick sucking meth' 2yr old. What is wrong with you, seriously? You just keep making the point for us - and you're too stupid to figure that out. Crazy people don't know they're crazy...seems to apply here. You clearly don't like kids - and you clearly believe that your pit bull has rights equal to a human being - and you clearly don't think that rules apply to dog owners - or that if rules are being broken, then nothing should be done about it. I'm curious what kind of a storm you would raise if it were the other way around. I'm sure you won't stand an inch for anything that might break a rule that violates your poor dogs rights.

SHITMD - one of the main reasons people are threatened so much by Pit Bulls is because the majority of their owners like you do not respect other people and refuse to acknowledge the potential threat. All they hear is that 'my dog is nice - he wouldn't hurt a fly - I trained my friend's 5yr old to handle him'. It does nothing to address the actual issue - you all just deny that there is one in the first place. Their fears are reinforced and probably multiplied when they come across somebody with your shitty attitude who instead complains about 2 year olds. Keep it up and you'll never break free of it - and your beloved pit bulls will no longer be allowed to exist in this country. Precedence has been set in Ontario; and you and your brethren will push everybody else to follow suit.

Me, my kid, my family, all people, are entitled to enjoy that park - which comes down to making sure that it is not overrun by dogs and owners who are breaking rules. That doesn't make me entitled. It makes all of us entitled. Get it? City council will be enforcing fines/penalties this summer as they are aware that it has gotten out of control and are fielding too many complaints about it. You two clowns can keep swimming upstream, or you might actually do something positive and join in making it better for everyone. Would you ever setup at the park with your dog and hand out pamphlets to dog owners advising them of the problem - and reminding them to pick up the shit and of the allowed off-leash areas? I'm assuming no - because instead you'd rather sit in front of the pub judging parents and their children. Class act, pal.

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Posted by For Real on 03/31/2014 at 10:08 PM

Re: “Irresponsible Dog Owners at PPP

Molly. I didn't assume anything. My comment about buying dogs was a general comment about dog ownership, not a direct comment about you. Once you made your stark raving mad comment about human reproduction, you opened that door. Most dogs are not rescues - but kudos to you for adopting. I have no idea how you went about owning a dog. Yet I believe you were the one who suggested that somebody here didn't adopt their child and thus could basically shove their opinion up their arse. Nice assumption by you.

I have no idea where you let your dogs poop and whether or not you clean it up. But this thread complaint included dogs in PPP pooping and owners not cleaning it up, thus my comment. Read the thread. Don't just jump in and troll your way into it. If you'd read it, you'd know. People read these posts - not every inch of it is dedicated to your narcissistic ass.

I know that it was Meow who made the comment about dogs paying taxes. But tongue in cheek, yes, it was actually fun to associate it with the same lame arguments coming from all the defensive dog owners on here who don't give a shit about other people, just their dogs. That seems clearly to include you. And I was right in doing so as you just supported the argument yourself. You pay taxes - you own a dog....and thus. Good job. I'm enlightened. For the record, you pay more than income and property tax. Just saying.

Again, you can chirp about over-population - but we don't live in an over-populated part of the world. We actually need more people to live here in order for us to survive here and maintain a standard of living here. The globalization argument doesn't apply to whether or not a couple in Nova Scotia should have children. China? Maybe. India? Maybe. Nova Scotia. Get real. Focus on the problem. We're not it. It's not your call whether or not somebody wants to procreate, regardless of where they live, although often it's a horrible idea for a lot of people. But it's not up to you.

Another assumption by you about whether or not I care about homeless children. What is wrong with you? Holy f'ing hypocrite. You just ranted on about not doing this. Which one is it? What the fuck do you know about my thoughts on adoption, homeless children, what I've contributed to this world? Maybe I was adopted? Maybe my kids are adopted? And what does it matter? Whether I choose to have kids of my own or not is none of your fucking business. You make a point and then immediately tear it down. If you have a child, the greatest thing you can do is raise that child to contribute to society and not just take from it. Be there for your kids. Teach them. Nurture them. All this regardless of whether they have your DNA or not. If not, they'll end up being a shitty parent or dog owner or criminal or schizophrenic troll writing nonsense in The Coast. Anything you infer outside of that just proves you are a complete mental disaster.

Your "ghetto" comment is fantastic. It just underscores the entire point here. You can't follow your own train of thought. Care about people - adopt somebody underprivileged - you don't think homeless kids are worthy of you - only people from the 'ghetto' have an excuse to speak poorly. Very sensitive of you. Very nice, that one. I type a mile a minute - maybe it was just a mistake - or maybe it's what I meant to say. You can always tell when somebody has lost - they start grasping at straws, take one word of (I admit) many, and try to characterize a person as poorly spoken, uneducated, from the ghetto, inferring people from the ghetto have an excuse for the way they are. That's some racist shit. Here's how easy it is to do that, from your post:

"not by insisting on your own get. or".

Hahahahaha....great spelling, Molly. Were you raised in a trailer park?

See - simple. Lowest. Common. Denominator. That's clearly you. Diet nerd. All the intention of a nerd minus all the good stuff (ie: the intelligence). Way to show who you really are - 'from a ghetto'????. Bahahahaha - ignorant piece of shit.

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Posted by For Real on 03/28/2014 at 9:08 PM

Re: “Irresponsible Dog Owners at PPP

Ivan - that's actually quite hilarious. Although I am curious why you would be reading a post about PPP if you don't give a shit about it. Why bother? Troll it up, brotha!

And I don't think you'll find a single comment from anybody in here stating the 'it takes a community to raise a child' argument. Your evolution of the bitch theory is really just you projecting.

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Posted by For Real on 03/28/2014 at 3:59 PM

Re: “Irresponsible Dog Owners at PPP

"anyone who is criminal enough to deliberately BREED themselves should be ashamed to leave their house without a bag over their head."

Good golly, Ms. Molly! I guess all parents, including your own, should be ashamed. Say no to having kids. Let's build a world, albeit short lived, on pets only.

And if you read his post correctly, it is a response to dog owners patting themselves on the back for adopting a dog, although likely one that was bred, instead of having kids, and suggesting that anybody who has kids is contributing to all the worlds problems. That is some self-righteous, twisted BS. Have a dog. Have kids. Do both. Do neither. But stop praising yourself for having a dog instead of a kid. And if you do have a dog, don't let it shit all over PPP without picking it up. Don't let it off leash in a public space in a marked on-leash area. Respect the rules so that everybody can enjoy the park and stop ruining it for all the other dog owners who abide by them, and all the other people without dogs who rely on the space. Owning a dog is great. Loving that dog and taking care of that dog is great. But it's what you're supposed to do if you own a dog. And given that you hate on people in general, it just underscores the point that there is nothing more important than raising a child to become a decent person who contributes positively to society. And that definitely includes being a pet owner.

And if you knew anything about geography, political science and/or anthropology, Canada (Halifax in particular), is not overpopulated. It's actually under-populated. We need more people to grow up here, live here, contribute to our society here, pay taxes here, take care of your health and your livelihood as you get old. Perhaps you think we just ship our kids off to India, China or Africa? We suffer from stagnant population growth and brain drain. You having a dog and not a kid serves yourself. Raising a child to contribute to society serves the community. I'm not bothered by people that choose not to have kids. I am bothered by dog owners who think buying a dog cements their place on Mt Pius. Now keep telling me how my point is theoretically incorrect because dogs pay taxes. Game. Set. Match. Go away.

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Posted by For Real on 03/28/2014 at 3:53 PM

Re: “Irresponsible Dog Owners at PPP

Ivan - this isn't a conversation about self entitled parents. I don't need you to validate my child as I'm sure you don't need me to validate your pet. Any parent who acts like that is probably an ass - just like the ass dog owners who are causing the issue at PPP that is being discussed in this thread. Yes, there are annoying people of all creeds, parents or not. Some have kids and are obnoxious and nauseating about it. If you actually think those people present a problem in Point Pleasant Park, then make your case...but all your issues have nothing to do with WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. It is loony tunes season when all you dog owners in here don't realize that you keep making our point. It's a conversation about Point Pleasant Park and the fact that it has literally gone to the dogs. Most people are annoyed by telemarketers calling and people knocking at our doors to sponsor their team/school/etc. Or dogs that bark into the night. But what does that have to do with FUCKING POINT PLEASANT PARK? You hear anything to do with a pet and you go ape shit. Crazies!

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Posted by For Real on 03/28/2014 at 1:53 PM

Re: “Irresponsible Dog Owners at PPP

Paranoid much there, Ivan? I think we can all agree that we put our kids and our pets ahead of people who want to do us harm or who threaten our homes/property. Way to make an argument. But if it ever came down to it, putting your pet ahead of an innocent child, that's just fucked up. It's probably the most selfish and narcissistic thing I've ever heard. Insane.

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Posted by For Real on 03/28/2014 at 11:19 AM

Re: “Irresponsible Dog Owners at PPP

Bottom line: SHITMD is a pit bull owner who doesn't care about people and children - only his dog. He believes that because he trained a 5yr old to speak firmly to his pit bull, this defense then applies to all children that might come across his dog. Blatantly irresponsible attitude as a dog owner. Decent people respect others, especially innocent children, enough to protect them from their dogs. Simple logic concludes that if you don't care about others, then there is likely nothing keeping you from taking responsibility as a pet owner. This is why society will expect you to put that dog down if it harms somebody, and if you don't, society will step in, via the courts if necessary. But that's just something for you to bitch about. I don't think you get it. Scary that somebody like you is in charge of a pit bull.

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Posted by For Real on 03/28/2014 at 11:01 AM

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