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FTL: Faster Than Light

Available on PC, Mac and Linux (Subset Games)


FTL almost immediately impresses with its retro look and feel and the often punishing difficulty. Fans of science fiction will definitely want to check out this addictive spaceship simulator. Some may turn their noses up at a game that only has a single-player campaign, but it’s not a detriment, it’s incredibly re-playable; in fact you’ll want to go back and try new ships, equipment and crew members. The story is somewhat muted as you travel from sector to sector, everything being told through text. You may chose to read through the well-written sections or skip right to the action. The fun truly begins when you’re in combat and you have to micro-manage every aspect of your ship. From how much power to give to shields, or moving your crew from weapons to engines to put out a fire, you really do feel like a captain of a ship barking orders in the heat of battle. Definitely worth checking out for fans of Star Trek and the like.

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