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Gag reflex


To the editor,

While riding the bus home on Friday afternoon, I noticed people standing along North Street holding up signs of dismembered baby fetuses with the caption "Abortion" underneath; definitely controversial, if not eye-catching in a sick sense.

A bit farther along, I noticed a number of people holding rainbow-coloured umbrellas in front of some of these signs, basically in an attempt to censor them.

Now I trust that at least some of the umbrella holders were from the gay community, considering it was Pride Week and that they all had large identical umbrellas with the trademark rainbow colour scheme. If that were indeed the case, you would think that of any group, they would be more sympathetic on the free speech issue.  

I am curious to know that if they would have thought it was OK to hold up signs with pictures of dismembered war victims to protest the Iraq war. I would wager a guess that most people are against this completely disgusting and immoral war and would also support such a protest. Those pictures would be equally repulsive and probably offend many as well, but it too would get a lot of people talking. Or let's turn the tables: what if a group went to the Pride Parade and tried censoring signs promoting that lifestyle? I don't think that would be tolerated.

The bottom line is: how dare any one person or group try to take away the fundamental rights of another to peacefully protest. Shame on them—whoever they were.

By Chris Grajczyk

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