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Good luck with the dating young.

To the editor,

As the first commercial FM talk show host in Canada, I couldn't appreciate more doing it here in Halifax on the new station News 95.7 FM.

With the exception of Wark, the city has a pretty big BS meter.

I was confused by the nature of Wark's lament in his editorial about me ("News flash," October 20).

I assume, by Wark's grudging mixed praise and broadside excoriations—replete with the "f" word (ooh that's hip)—that he wouldn't be happy unless I'm a CBC clone.

How old is the Warkster anyway? Is he a National Post wannabe? I thought I'd left all of the pompous, self-important aggrandizers back in Toronto!

I thought your print vehicle was progressive, urban. I guess if you print the "f" word then that's enough for you.

By the sounds of it, in terms of my on-air subject matter, Wark only prefers topics from my academic comfort zone (international relations and strategic studies) and politics.

During the Renaissance, Erasmus wrote "In Praise Of Folly" as a retort to an over-emphasis on Humanist logicians at the expense of the imagination; my radio schtick is "In Praise of Provocation"—away from the staid, the culturally conservative and the dull.

On my show, 9-12 on News 95.7 FM, there's plenty of room for angular water cooler or bar stool topics, with a little sociology, lifestyle, sex, interpersonal dynamics, pyschology, religion, finance, comedy, etc. too—whatever people here want to talk about.

Even though I do more books and author interviews than the CBC does, maybe Wark should stick to the CBC—nice and safe for the old Warkster.

What hurt me the most about The Coast is that you guys got my hair so wrong in your caricature.

I have all my hair and I like to date young, so that really hurt.

Excuse me now. I must go to therapy.

Keep up the good work.

By Andrew Krystal

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