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Green resolve


To the editor,

We all know that climate change is a serious problem and we know that the oceans, forests, land and air are becoming increasingly degraded.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Reports and the Millennium Ecological Assessment clearly explain these environmental challenges. So, let's make green resolutions for 2008.

First, resolve to stop using plastic bags. They are a petroleum-based product. Petroleum is a fossil fuel, which releases greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Start using canvas bags instead of plastic when you shop.

Second, resolve to stop drinking coffee from disposable cups. They are wasteful and litter the city. When you are at a cafe, ask for your coffee in a ceramic cup. For takeout, use your reusable travel mug.

Third, resolve to stop idling your car. It causes smog. It also contributes to respiratory illnesses. Turn your engine off. Better yet, get out of your car, and take the bus, walk or ride your bike.

Fourth, resolve to properly separate your solid waste. Don't put cardboard in with compost. Use a blue bag for recyclables.

If you are not sure what goes in what garbage bin, check Halifax Regional Municipality's Naturally Green website:

Finally, resolve to be a more informed, responsible and engaged citizen.

If we want to live in a green, healthy and sustainable city, we must do our part.

By Tamara Lorincz

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