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Halifax council's secret sewer fixes

Is duct tape the solution to Harbour Solutions?


The electronics used to run council meetings---microphones, the computer that queues up speakers, the overhead “Elmo” projector, etc.---haven’t worked properly for at least two years, and the system has been ridiculously broken over the past month or so, with some mics not working at all, councillors dropped on and off the speaker system randomly, etc.

It’s a minor annoyance, but begs the question: If city officials can’t fix something as mundane as meeting management software, why should we expect they can fix a broken $333 million sewage system?

At Tuesday’s meeting, council discussed---in secret---possibly jury-rigging a temporary fix for the failed sewer plant. There’s absolutely no justification for the secrecy---it utterly violates the municipal act, by my read---and councillors aren’t saying what the fix would be, so there’s no telling what kind of fix is in the works.

I put the photo above on all my Harbour Solutions-related posts, because I think it's indicative of all the problems with the sewage system. It's a pipe of some sort, propped up by a sheet of plywood and held together with duct tape and bailing wire. I have no idea what the thing is supposed to do, but it was left in front of the Halifax sewer plant for several months in this condition. Evidently, there wasn't enough cash left over from the hundreds of millions dumped into the sewer system construction fund for the contractor to pay Mike's Plumbing, or whatever, to make this pipe right. So instead, month after month, it stood as a sad joke to whatever "solution" Harbour Solutions was supposed to provide. Like council's malfunctioning meeting management software, the laughable pipe outside the sewer plant was indicative of complete incompetence.

So, while I have no idea what the temporary fix for the sewage plant entails, I’m guessing it involves duct tape and bailing wire.

We’ve got Red Green’s sewer plant.

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