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Halifax dishes on its first kisses

Innocent tales from our annual Sex + Dating survey.


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Welcome to what's possibly the only section of our Sex + Dating guide that is without a single mention of genitalia. How cute! Amongst the raunch and regret our survey-doers shared with us is this adorable collection of plain and simple romance. Maybe it was a little awkward, slightly slobbery and pretty forgettable–but every first is special. Even if it (theoretically) went down behind a van, after some clammy hand-holding and the Claire Danes classic, The Mod Squad.



“It was very accidental. I was in my grade 10 dramatic arts class and there was a hugging scene with a boy. We hugged, then we turned our heads. Mine in his direction, and his in mine. Our faces aligned and the next thing I felt was his lips on mine.”


“It was wonderful: the sun was on its way to setting, and the boy I was seeing and I were sitting and chatting in our favourite spot in the corner of a field lined with trees. It was very comfortable, easy, and cozy —but the kiss was electrifying, slow and sensual. Even as a grown woman, I still think how lovely that first kiss was.”


“So much anticipation! It was like a barrier we couldn't cross. We touched in so many other ways first, and I basically begged him to kiss me, holding my face very still, very close to his. When he finally did, I was shocked by the softness, the simplicity of it. And I knew why it was in all the stories. I ran immediately to write about it in my journal— something which I found out later really freaked him out.”



“I was terrified that I was a bad kisser. When we pulled away, I hid my face in his jacket because I was so embarrassed (it was my first kiss, not his). He was super supportive about it though, and told me, 'Don't worry, we've got plenty of time to practice.' Happy to report I did, in fact, get a lot better at it.”


“First really good kiss was when I was hiking with a boy I had just started dating. We were flirting while hiking and he was ahead of me, and he just turned around and held my face and kissed me in the middle of the trail. It was pretty awesome!”


“My first real kiss I was around 10-11. I'd had a crush on him forever. We hung out every day, then finally one day he reached out to hold my hand. Finally! I didn't want to go but had to head home and when I went to stand up to leave he just turned my chin and KISSED me. I mean, wow. I saw stars and fireworks.”


“I was in grade 7. I had dated this boy for a year and we'd only ever held hands, sometimes talk on the phone. I went to a pool party and when he went to leave the party my two friends pushed us together, our lips touched. I remember being so pumped at the time. It's cute to remember.”



“Drunk at a high school rugby party that happened to fall on my birthday. He and I were the last ones outside, cuddling on the trampoline having deep philosophical talks then proceeded to make out for at least 30 minutes. Could be construed as romantic except that we never talked again after that night.”


“I'm sure I was horrible, but it was pretty great for me! I was 15 and at a French immersion camp/school out of the province. I'm sure I kissed like a fish breathes; metronomic opening and closing of mouth.”


“Thirteenth birthday party. Playing Seven Minutes In Heaven in a closet. It was very stereotypical. I was caught by my father who after that made all the kids at the party sit in the living room with the door open and chat awkwardly. Nobody came to my birthday the next year.”


‘It was with my first boyfriend in grade 12. I was laying with my head on his legs and he was sitting up. He leaned in close to my face so I closed my eyes waiting for the kiss. I opened my eyes and that muthafucka was really close to my face just staring at me. Then he kissed me and we laughed about it.”


“I had 'broken up' with my first real boyfriend, then followed him out of class one day and cornered him in the hall. Said 'Hey' kissed him, then told him I still liked him and ran away back to class.”


“It was with the son of some family friends, we were watching The Mummy on the couch in his basement, he had awkwardly felt my boobs first, he said 'want to kiss?' and I said 'sure.'”


“My older brother always told me not to let anyone kiss me unless they ask permission. Well, good thing for most of my junior/high school experience no one really wanted to. When I finally developed into an OK woman I started dating a boy who I didn't particularly like, but he asked my permission to kiss me so I let him. He stuck his tongue way down my throat but it was fully consensual and minty so I was fully satisfied.”



“It happened in my living room when my first boyfriend and I were in Grade 7. We were standing awkwardly by my door after he rode his bike for half an hour in the snow to see me, and we kissed on the lips. It was the first time for both of us, and so sweet. I'm pretty sure he's a stoner in Alberta now.”


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