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Hamm-fisted approach


Dear editor,

I am absolutely appalled. Former premier Dr. John Hamm has suggested that university graduates who leave Nova Scotia to find work should be asked to pay back Nova Scotia taxpayers for part of the cost of their education. This from the man who so viciously cut funding from post-secondary education over the last several years that we have the highest tuition rates in the country. We also have the most shamefully inadequate debt relief programs. Maybe in his infinite wisdom he could explain to me how I should go about cooking the books so I can afford to make my $500/month student loan payments on my $10/hour entry-level job here in Nova Scotia. Of course our graduates are going west! Now, after saddling us with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, he wants us to make amends for having the audacity to leave Nova Scotia in the face of underemployment and massive loan payments. Dr. Hamm's elitist ignorance is abhorrent. Does he really think we are leaving because we want to? I don't know a single expatriate Nova Scotian who wouldn't rather be home. He put us in this position, now he wants to fine us for it. Well, do your worst, Doctor Hamm. Slap another 10 grand or so onto my current debt of $50,000. I can't afford the payments anyway.

By Amy Murray

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