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Has Halifax hit Peak Scandal?

Recapping Halifax's multiple political scandals


This morning, as I was reviewing my notes on three different scandals now afflicting Halifax, I thought, "Just how much scandal can be wedged into one town? Are we at Peak Scandal?"

Like its resource cousin Peak Oil, there are two things to consider when assessing Peak Scandal. First there's the question of production: can we continue to increase the amount of product we pull out of the ground and deliver? That question is debatable. Oil company execs and investigative reporters will tell you that with improved technology---deep sea production wells, crowdsourcing, modern refining techniques, Twitter---we can better find product and more efficiently deliver it to the consumer. Some go so far as to argue that the resource is not at all limited; new theories about biogenesis and the unlimited depravity of humanity suggest that there may if fact be an inexhaustible supply.

But even if we can continue to deliver record amounts of product, there's the second question: Will the consumer continue to buy it? Already environmentalists and Pollyannas are calling for the public to reduce consumption, and while they're just a fringe element at present, there's no small danger that their opinions could spread.

Well, there's nothing I can do about it. I'll just keep on with my high-consuming ways, and whatever disaster ensues the next generation can deal with.

In that spirit, and as my Twitter friend Kady O'Malley---@kady---asks for a summary of our current scandal-ridden town, I offer the following recap of our Scandals Three.

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