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Hobo With A Shotgun hits its target

Jason Eisener strikes gory gold.


Hobo rips shit up.
  • Hobo rips shit up.

For most movies, adjectives like cheesy, offensive and tasteless carry a negative connotation. But this movie is called Hobo with a Shotgun, for fuck's sake, so it'd be a shame if these descriptions didn't apply. No worries there. Dartmouth director Jason Eisener's first feature is a blood-soaked and kinetic exploitation masterpiece, an abattoir for cinema's sacred cows. B-movie A-lister Rutger Hauer is hilarious as a homeless man who enters a violent, corrupt city, pisses off the local crime lords, takes a sweet hooker (Molly Dunsworth) under his wing and blasts giant holes in bad guys. Eisener and writer John Davies introduce several creative strategies for removing heads, limbs and entrails, painting the screen with arterial spray every couple of minutes. With its gory excess and memorably corny one-liners, Hobo is a trashy homegrown treasure.

Dartmouth Crossing, Park Lane

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Hobo With a Shotgun

Official Site:

Director: Jason Eisener

Writer: John Davies and Jason Eisener

Cast: Rutger Hauer, Gregory Smith, Robb Wells, Brian Downey, Jeremy Akerman, Nick Bateman, Molly Dunsworth, Mark A. Owen, Michael Ray Fox and David Brunt

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