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Hpx Night Two: Part deux

Valleys dazzle The Seahorse and a chat with D-Sisive


D-Sisive readies to give you a great big bear hug. Hes such a sweetie.
  • D-Sisive readies to give you a great big bear hug. He's such a sweetie.

A great moment during Valleys mesmerizing show at The Seahorse (The worst moment? The extreme heat of that dungeon. Coast photog Riley Smith looked like he was going to pass out) was my friend Shane asking, “Mike! Tell me who you think has the prettiest nose in here. Who do you think it is?...Because it’s her.” The ‘her’ was the leading lady, Matilda Perks, from Valley’s. And their soundscape was just as perfect. This crappy video doesn't do it justice (if anyone knows how to limit audio distortion on an iPhone please let me know), but feel free to check it out here.

From there I thought I’d broaden my pop explosion palate and head up to Coconut Grove to check out D-sisive. Although he was as slick as billed, the show was disappointingly poorly attended. At one point it was just myself and one other person by the stage. But D-Sisive took advantage of the small crowd to play around and (attempt to) sing harmony with during the choruses of some songs. I grabbed a quick talk with him afterward to see what his impressions were.

Obviously not a huge a crowd…from your perspective why is it important to come out and play these gigs and keep going at it?
D: No it’s like , tonight I don’t even considerate it a bad show, because as the old cliché goes there were people in the crowd that were there to appreciate good music. It’s just important to get out there. I’m far from being a mainstream artist, so most of my rotation comes from the smaller college radio shows. I don’t know what their listenership is, but where I’m at now it’s just anything I can do to try. And hopefully I’ve made some new listeners tonight.

Of course you have your new album. What can they look forward to?
D: Jonestown comes out November 18, and I guess one way for people to get excited about it is that it’s a free album. You can download it for free. And it’s a more of a boom-bap hip hop record. When I started in ‘95 I was 100 percent battle rapper. Right now 90 percent of my music is very personal and autobiographical. Whereas when I started it was straight battling. Reverend Jones is coming out now. That’s how I describe Jonestown now, it’s the Kool-aid. It’s going to kill it all.

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