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Insurrection is for the fans

Bilingual metal band Insurrection comes way east



Crowd-funding, especially popular in the last few years, is the best way for fans to show support because investing in a forthcoming project really puts your money where your mouth is.

To finance Insurrection's third studio album, Prototype, the Quebec-based death metal quintet turned to its fans, which ended up being a huge success for the decade-old group. "We received a much better response than we were expecting," says guitarist Vincent Séguin. "People were very encouraging of us." Even still, the demand for a good product didn't change Insurrection's plan or approach to recording the album's 11 English and French tracks.

"We didn't feel any pressure while we were recording but we started to think about [the pressure] the closer it was to being done," he says. "But we wrote for ourselves and we're really critical, and by this third album we were set on what we wanted to do in the studio," he says.

Séguin adds that Prototype was influenced by the band members' varied musical tastes. "For example, our singer, Stef, is into trash metal, our drummer is into hardcore, so we put it all together for a distinct sound," he describes. "Not too technical, not the meanest, but it's heavy and gloomy. And we incorporate a lot of melodic and European sounds, too, so it's a mix."

This is Insurrection's first time east of New Brunswick, where the band has been very well- received. Comprised of mostly Francophone members, the band's lyrics alternate between French and English. "We're from Gatineau, near Ottawa, which is a very bilingual area and that's part of the culture here. It also depends on the song. English is more direct and to the point, French is more complex. Surprisingly, some of our English fans' favourite songs are the French ones."

Insurrection w/FTME, Spew, Novichok
Saturday, November 9 at 10pm, $8
Gus‘ Pub, 2605 Agricola Street

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