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Irresponsible Brindi owner

Where are the limits? Where is the responsibility?


Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership ( cannot condone the apparent inactions of Francesca Rogier. It is impossible for our organization to support or endorse Rogier, but Brindi gets our full support to save her life. Brindi does not deserve to die. Our stance would be the same whether it was Brindi or any other dog and owner who acted in this manner. Brindi would not be in this situation if Francesca had been a responsible owner. If you read the court decision, this dog was able to attack at least three times while under the “control” (or lack thereof) of Rogier. Further, Rogier was also cited for allowing Brindi to be “running at large.” If you read judge Beveridge’s judgment of the case in its entirety, it relates the attacks in full, noting that they were not no-contact events---they were serious encounters. Where are the limits? Where is the responsibility? The community Rogier lives in deserves to feel safe walking their dogs in the area where Brindi would live. After such incidents, would you feel safe? HRM has a responsibility to the citizens of East Chezzetcook. At this point, if HRM were to relinquish Brindi to Rogier and Brindi was involved in another incident, who would be liable? HRM for allowing Brindi to go back to an irresponsible owner, or Rogier for her irresponsible behaviour? We all know it’s not Brindi’s fault if she is running at large. This dog has been molded by her experiences. She needs an owner that understands her needs, who is responsible for her behaviours and acts accordingly. Rogier has proven she does not adhere to restrictions nor does she have the resources to provide a safe home for Brindi. Brindi needs an owner that understands her specific issues and who can implement a series of protocols that not only keeps Brindi safe but also keeps other dogs and the community safe. There is not doubt that bylaw A300 needs to be revamped. We all have to work and demand its change. In this province, the lack of commitment to animal welfare through inappropriate and unsupported laws on the provincial, municipal and judiciary level enables irresponsible ownership and the cruelty and suffering of animals. ---Heather Morrison, ARPO member, Halifax

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