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Just like DIY Halloween costumes

Cheryl Hann plays both Ms. and Mr. Dressup to show you how to make easy costumes


The best Halloween costumes are often the most creative. Silly word puns, elaborate mechanics or an outfit from a sci-fi movie set are usually the winners at costume contests. But if you're like me, you wait until the very last minute to whip something together. What's a ghoul to do?

Luckily Halifax has a number of costume shops that can help you take the stress out of getting dressed right until Halloween night. And it's easy to make something store-bought unique: Take the major elements of the costume and mix in clothing and accessories you already have. Gender-bend, get bestial, be satirical. Here, comedian and actor Cheryl Hann demonstrates how it's done, pulling together both hers and his costume combos at Glow Parties' Halloween Superstore in Bayers Lake. Remember, Halloween is a great time to make a statement and have some real goofy fun. Make this the year to be less traditional with your costume choices.

  • Meghan Tansey Whitton
  • Happy daze

Happy daze
Take it back to the Cold War with a greaser wig ($14.99 at Glow) or full poodle-skirt costume ($50) and some hip-to-the-jive accessories like jewelled glasses. This is an easy look to accomplish at home, too, if you happen to live with some bikers. “Cigarettes, tight pants, crinolines, milkshakes,” says Hann. “So many awesome things about the 1950s! Plus, everything was so equal and fun for everyone back then. What a great time, right?” Happy days even? Ayyy.

Beauty ’n’ the beast - MEGHAN TANSEY WHITTON
  • Meghan Tansey Whitton
  • Beauty ’n’ the beast

Beauty ’n’ the beast
A tale as old as time. A reminder that true love isn’t about an abuser holding you captive in a magical castle. No, true love is about seeing what lies beneath the surface. It’s also about a princess ball gown ($345) for twirling in as the dishes sing show tunes; a huge selection of wigs customize the look ($12 and up) and a bear-lion dressed in man’s suit ($66) adds a touch of class to a guy who can’t eat soup with his beast hands. Get a straw, bro. But he looks handsome so Belle forgives the whole “You’ll never see your father again” thing. I love this movie. For a different spin: “Add a big fake butt to this costume and go as BOOTY and the Beast,” says Hann. “Trust me. I’m a comedian. I know funny.”

  • Meghan Tansey Whitton
  • In the swing

In the swing
Sure, the Austin Powers franchise started close to 20 years ago and, sure, most kids will have no idea what you’re referencing, but anyone with Mike Myers’ mojo will be randy for this one. With Austin Powers costume packs (from $24.99) and a large array of go-go boots (from $39.95), you can put some free love in your groovy step. “Or you can go as a swingin’ ’60s babe,” says Hann. “Grab your mom’s old pants and get sexy! Yeah baby!”

  • Meghan Tansey Whitton
  • Soul survivor

Soul survivor
For the agnostic or the unbeliever, this might just be the scariest costume combo. Flashback to Sunday school and tiny wafers in a priest cassock ($24) or nun habit ($26)—a good way to stay warm on a cold night. And moustaches ($2 and up) are an affordable way to up your upper-lip game. Optional habit attachments include a Nun of Your Business banner. Substitute the costume with a choir gown or a well-hung table cloth; add a Bible, a cross. “Do god’s work as a nun or a priest,” says Hann. “Walk around reminding people that this is the devil’s holiday and they’re all going to hell. FUN!”


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