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Keepin’ it seal


To the editor,

It's shocking that in the face of climate change, which caused the death of thousands of seal pups this year, and the warnings from DFO scientists, the DFO has announced the commercial seal hunt will go ahead. Over the coming weeks 270,000 infant seals will be killed by government-allowed hakapiks, sharp hooks, blunt clubs and shotguns.

Some might wish the young pups were born without the misfortune of having thick silky pelts, so their lives could be spared. But the high financial value of seal pelts is likely persuading the DFO to fabricate the many validations for the seal hunt to continue.

Considering the DFO's history, I suppose it is not all that shocking. This is, after all, the department that allowed the decimation of cod stocks, ignoring its own scientists and then, when faced with the consequences, used the seals as a scapegoat, warranting the inhumane slaughter and confusing the public between sustainability and concealment.

The DFO did not take warnings about the cod seriously until it was too late. They are still not heeding crucial information, putting another species at risk. When will they learn from their mistakes, stop making irresponsible decisions and take action to protect our wildlife?

By Brittany Hilton

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