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Re: “Brindi or Tuxedo Stan?

It's to bad we couldn't have Tuxedo Stan... at least he would do something for feral cats and not be swayed by irresponsible people. See cats don't care about peoples opinions or their agenda :)

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Posted by knew it and said so. on 10/03/2012 at 5:41 AM

Re: “Brindi [almost] home

Humane Halifax poster IS Ms. Rogier

Wonder why she has disappeared now since Brindi has bitten again because the newly insightful owner never had her muzzled or leashed. The AC and RCMP are not able to contact her because she don't answer her phone nor her door. If the complaint she put in about the other dog were true, wouldn't she stick around and see the complaint through or if she didn't want to go through with it, cancel it. This last attack caused this dog to go to the vet with 2 puncture wounds in it's neck. Rogier can't nor won't follow by-laws nor court orders. Brindi is a very nice dog with no problems except with this owner. It is about time this dog is taken from her and re-homed to be given a real chance at a life.
For all you supportors who would not listen to others before, I guess crow pie is in order.

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Posted by knew it and said so. on 09/26/2010 at 10:01 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Ok, now I can honestly say I AM SHOCKED!!!

I know alot of people there and they don't want FR to have Brindi there. So that will be very interesting to have their say on paper. Wonder how FR will handle that?

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Posted by bulldaisymom on 03/12/2009 at 10:24 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Wow pinkydo... they complain about other people being nasty. Real nice this hater not lover... oops I mean lover not hater.

The procecuters are paid ON SALARY not by the case so we would be paying them ANYWAY. I pay those taxes too so do the other people in my family.

If someone don't like that the taxpayers money is paying for this... tell this owner to submit a plea and sign a waiver so Brindi can be put into a rescue then trained the way she should be and then adopted out to a person , family that is RESPONSIBLE. Not to this owner who has failed at least 4 times so far. I for one do not want an " accident"
to happen again.

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Posted by bulldaisymom on 03/10/2009 at 5:33 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Ohhh Lara, good to hear from you. So sorry this happened. Don't worry about the group. Gail saw it open and jumped in before it could be taken over. It is safe. :) They may have got you deleted but your group will carry on. Wish you well and hope you are back soon.

Posted by bulldaisymom on 03/09/2009 at 5:29 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Contessa, that would be great IF it wasn't like this...
No reputable trainer that the court will accept will touch Brindi as long as she is OWNED by this owner. That is a problem. They are top in their field for Training and behavior issues like Brindi has.

lover not a hater
There isn't hate for this owner. Please stop talking like that when you don't know anyone who is wanting this dog to live but because of the owners actions is in this situation. We do not have to support this owner to support Brindi. Even though Brindi did the " attacks", she is innocent because she was NOT TRAINED PROPERLY. Her owner knew she was property/dog aggressive and never sought proper help with that. Brindi was SUPPOSE to have passed her obedience class but guess what, her obedience was not there when Brindi ignored the recall. TTHAT is not a trained dog. Good for you that your neighbors have never called AC... YET. Hope it never happens. But you are not this owner nor is this dog yours. Every situation is different in a way. This owner has shown time and again to be irresponsible with a dog that has issues. I for one do not believe this owner understands how to handle a dog like this. Brindi is NOT human aggressive, she is a sweet dog but because of her background, lack of proper training and certainly lack of proper ownership and supervization she has a BIG problem.
As for the SPCA.... no you are WRONG. They are a HOLDING area for the AC/ HRM... until this case is over, they are under contract with the AC / HRM to house and care for Brindi. That is it. Frankly I wish they did have the right to do something with Brindi, she would have been safe a long time ago in a wonderful home. I can tell you, after all the antics, lies, half truths etc. there is no way in hell this owner would have this dog back. Did you ever wonder why she was banned for the SPCA for 6 mths?? I know why. If I was there I would have banned her for longer.

Misty Blue.... I have dogs and I live here in NS and guess what, I am not worried about my dogs. I am a responsible owner. This does not happen with a one or 2 time thing. just running at large. This owner REPEATEDLY by being irresponsible allowed this to happen. I have not pity for anyone who are irresponsible like this. Brindi was known to have to wear a muzzle ( right or wrong) but didn't. Sure she was " supoose " to be being tied and muzzled but " escaped" before it could be done... 1. why wasn't the muzzle on BEFORE the door was open ( she was being put out right)2. Why wasn't steps taken to prevent Brindi from getting out before she should have.
I have 3 dogs... ONCE and ONCE only has any dog I have EVER had gotten out. I train the heck out of my dogs and the one that is still in training is leashed until he is on his outside tie out. There is nothing you can say that leads me to believe this owner is or will be reposible enough for THIS dog. You all can banter on about " what the city has done to this owner" but at the end of the day.. THE OWNER DID IT TO HERSELF AND HER DOG. SHAME on her and shame on the bullies in her group who really don't know what they are talking about.
Funny thing about someone saying that the Release Brindi but not to her owner is a HATE group... guess they don't know alot.

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Posted by bulldaisymom on 03/08/2009 at 7:35 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

" lover not a hater".. I can appreciate where you are coming from and how you feel. Having said that, with all due respect, this isn't about the SPCA... this is about an irresponsible owner crying foul because now she is backed into a corner and the dog she was suppose to protect is in big trouble. The law ( even though is a bad one) / HRM / AC/ SPCA etc. DID NOT put Brindi in this situation. Her owner did. Many times. Alot of us who have been following the lies and truths of this saga, know if Brindi is put back with this owner, there will be another " incident" and this dog will die. This owner does not get it, she does not understand or maybe she is ignoring it, how serious this is and how serious we are to make sure she does not get this dog. I don't think Ms. Rogier is a bad person, I do believe she is the WRONG owner for a dog with issues.

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Posted by bulldaisymom on 03/07/2009 at 4:49 PM

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