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Last night's council meeting, interpretted


What follows is a transcript of last night’s live-blogging of city council’s weekly meeting. I do this via Twitter (twitcoast), and so each entry is limited to 140 characters. Exact quotes are in quotation marks, everything else is paraphrased for clarity. —Tim Bousquet

Council live blogging!

Mayor Peter Kelly absent. Deputy Mayor Hendsbee takes the gavel, begins equivocating, holds finger to the wind.

Old Victoria Hotel hearing commences-- that's that cool old, but falling down, building on Hollis and Morris.

Dexel Developments wants to tear it down, build 10 storey building. No one opposes the tearing down part, but 10 storey is an issue 4 some.

Staff dude: we dotted "T"s, crossed "I"s on this, so don't give us any shit, k?

HRM By Design height limit would be 70 ft, but this is grandfathered in so that doesn't apply. Proposal is 100 ft.

Karsten: Hendsbee, you dope, you're worse than 14 Peter Kellys.

Karsten: Hendsbee, you dope, I could run a meeting better than you. Uteck: someone bring the developer a drink.

Energy consultant dude from public-- one of the 3 bldgs to be torn down is worth moving. (Charles Morris bldg from 18th century.)

Meeting management software system screwing up again. Been broken for about 3 years... & we wonder why they can't run a sewage plant.

New prez of Heritage Trust is guy named Peter Delefes. Why would anyone want the hate that's been tossed at Phil Pacey?

Delefes: Lawen does good buildings. This one is kinda OK, but we don't like the tower-- lower it down to the 5-storey base.

Woman who lives in bldg: a whole lotta people partied in my home, and a whole lotta those have died. I'm the last one standing.

Victor Syperek: this is an ugly building. Come on over to the Shoe and order lots of drinks and we'll argue about it.

Elizabeth Pacey: Bishops Landing was lowered to meet same laws that apply to this building.

Jazz Deli Cafe owner: They tell tourists not to come here because of that bldg, and the free FRED bus won't come either.

Guy from public: tenants of bldg weren't invited to public info meeting. City sign announcing it was crappy, too. Renters are people too.

Guy from public: You all hate pink balconies, but the Chinese really dig that stuff.

Developer Louis Lawen: I like the public art idea someone said, we'll dedicate it to Charles Morris. You can even make it a condition.

Lawen: we'll have a crane there by end of year.

Uteck: this is better than the hookers that used to hang around when I lived around there.

Watts: HRM By Design is great, which is why I voted against it.

Harvey: "this is not a development hill I'm prepared to die on." I don't like this thing, but what are you going to do?

Outhit: We can't stop people from building crappy buildings, but people blame council for it.

Streatch: property rights! you dirty fricken hippies!

Mosher: nobody from Fusion was here, but seeing how I'm married to one of 'em, well, lemme tell ya, I know what he likes, hee-hee.

Development passes, Watts only no vote.

Moving on, let's increase public debt by $6.5 million, yawn.

Staff dude needs to take one of those Dale Carnegie courses.

Really extensive report on bottled water (or banning it) and water fountains in city buildings. Good stuff. Told in monotone.

City hall H2O is good-- except for mayor's office, which has high levels of lead. No joke, really.

Watts: bottled water is worse than 14 Hitlers.

Watts gives pretty good speech on water and social justice. Stuff you never hear in council chambers.

Mosher: we oughtta ban "sugary crap" too.

Wile: if people lick the water fountains, we'll all die of swine flu.

Karsten: Let's split the difference: Bottled H2O is worse than 7 Hitlers, but better than 7 Ghandis.

Dalrymple: I'll support this motion, but only after bottled water destroys the world.

Hum: SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![gasp]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To clarify: not talking about banning bottled H2O in city; rather, simply not selling bottled H2O in city buildings, starting w/ City Hall

Outhit: my 2 daughters are buying all sorts of crap in city bldgs, I'd rather them drink bottled H2O.

Streatch: "we should be mandating that everybody buy cranberry juice."

Streatch: Who is Council of Canadians? Monotone staff dude: I dunno. Streatch: Hidden agenda! Communists!

Lund: SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![gasp]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey: "life is a terminal experience-- if your shower doesn't get you, the water fountain out in the hall will"

Hendsbee: Mosher, you petty person.

Mosher: "I hope the media reports what we're doing" [reporters scribble furiously]

McCluskey making love to her US Homeland Security-provided stress doll.

City spends $20,000/year on bottled H2O-- 1/3 for firefighters, 1/3 for administrative meetings, 1/3 for other stuff-- 100,000 bottles total

14 yes; 6 no-- city won't provide bottled H2O at City Hall. Whoops, Wile hit wrong button-- 15 yes, 5 no.

10 seconds after vote, Ecology Action Centre rep hands me a press release praising the decision.

Karsten: Hendsbee, you dope.

Debate on extending weekly green bin collection two months.

Hendsbee: "I ask for heckling to cease, please" [reporter puts away computer, pouts]

Hendsbee: Mosher, you petty person.

Uteck: the CN bridges are falling apart.

Watts wants her friends in the new NDP provincial government to ban sale of pesticides. This should prove interesting. Taken up next week.

Smith: lets talk about cats! Rest of city: groan.

Pesticides and cats at next council meeting!!!!!!!!! Live-blogging here, next Tuesday! Tonight's meeting is over.

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