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Let's get ready to rumble: HRM election guide 2016

All of our district profiles and candidate surveys in one place.


It's gonna be a barnburner. - THE COAST
  • It's gonna be a barnburner.

In the interest of democracy, it’d be easy to puff up our chests and blubber about how voting is important and this is a watershed election for the municipality. Thing is, yeah, it kind of is.

In short order after October 15, the Centre Plan will finally be unleashed to (hopefully) guide smart, sensible development in the urban centre for the next couple decades. The municipality will then turn its attention to finalizing plans to completely revamp HRM’s transit operations, negotiating a price to purchase huge chunks of wilderness lands, wave goodbye to The Big Lift and say hello to the redevelopment of Shannon Park and the Cogswell Interchange. That’s when it’s not figuring out how to replace the city’s crumbling water and sewage systems, or bringing a commuter rail system out of Tim Outhit’s fantasies and into the real world. All of those projects will take place at a time when the development boom continues to ring out as loud as Citadel Hill’s cannon. Glass columns are erecting themselves on our skylines with little regard for decency while entire neighbourhoods on both sides of the harbour are overturned.

Four years from now, Halifax (and Dartmouth) will be virtually unrecognizable. The arduous struggle not to screw that all up starts on election day.

To help you, the voter, get to know the candidates and issues at play, we’ve collected most of the past few weeks of election coverage into this one blog post. The below links contain our district profiles, as well as our 15-question candidate surveys. Click here for the candidates in the School Board election.

You can also click the HRM election 2016 tag to bring up all of our most recent coverage (including rating election signs, a look at the the biggest rivalries at play and debate coverage for district 5, 7 and 8).

Remember, telephone and e-voting lasts until October 13 at 7pm. Advanced in-person voting happens today (Saturday, October 8) and Tuesday, (October 11). Election day is October 15. More info about how and where to vote can be found here.


Lil MacPherson: Candidate profile and questionnaire
Mike Savage (i): Candidate profile and questionnaire

District 1: Waverley–Fall River–Musquodoboit Valley
Colin Castle
Cathy Deagle-Gammon
Trevor Lawson
Alison McNair
Steve Sinnott
Steve Streatch

District 2: Preston–Chezzetcook–Eastern Shore
Shelley Fashan
David Hendsbee (i)
Sydnee L. McKay
Gail McQuarrie

District 3: Dartmouth South–Eastern Passage
Incumbent Bill Karsten wins by acclamation.

District 4: Cole Harbour–Westphal
Incumbent Lorelei Nicoll wins by acclamation.

District 5: Dartmouth Centre
Sam Austin
Adam Bowes [Bowes has halted his campaign]
Gabriel Enxuga
Ned Milburn
Tim Rissesco
Derek Vallis
Kate Watson
Warren Wesson

District 6: Harbourview–Burnside–Dartmouth East
Carlos Beals
Tony Mancini (i)

District 7: Halifax South Downtown
Dominick Desjardins
Waye Mason (i)
Sue Uteck

District 8: Halifax Peninsula North
Irvine Carvery

Martin Farrell
Anthony Kawalski
Patrick Murphy
Chris Poole
Lindell Smith
Brenden Sommerhalder

District 9: Halifax West Armdale
Shawn Cleary
Linda Mosher (i)
Kyle Woodbury

District 10: Halifax–Bedford Basin West
Andrew Curran
Mohammad Ehsan
Russell Walker (i)

District 11: Spryfield–Sambro Loop–Prospect Road
Stephen Adams (i)
Dawn E. Penney

District 12: Timberlea–Beechville–Clayton Park–Wedgewood
John Bignell
Scott Guthrie

Bruce Holland
Bruce E. Smith

Iona Stoddard
Richard Zurawski

District 13: Hammonds Plains–St. Margarets
Pamela Lovelace
Harry Ward
Matt Whitman (i)

District 14: Middle/Upper Sackville–Beaver Bank–Lucasville
Lisa Blackburn
Kevin Copley

Brad Johns (i) [Johns refused refused to speak with The Coast]

District 15: Lower Sackville
Incumbent Steve Craig wins by acclamation.

District 16: Bedford–Wentworth
Incumbent Tim Outhit wins by acclamation.

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