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I have recently had a run in with a disgusting individual(s)...or it could be the disgust of someone thinking they have enough power and right to destroy my father's pride in his country, and the country he served in order to keep all the "hippies" and "protestors" of this city safe for another day of their meek existance. After a lovely father's day spent with my parents, eating fries from Bill the Spud and watching the ducks in Public Gardens and walking along the waterfront - laughing, feeling good and enjoying our rare chance at being close again - we make it back to my parent's car which is parked behind the gardens. My dad noticed right away. His magnetic ribbon in camoflauge greens that states "Support Our Troops" was stolen. Someone had the sheer smug and hurtful attitude to walk up to a stranger's car and rip it off - either throwing it away or taking it for themselves. The thing is, my dad doesn't support the WAR - HE SUPPORTS THE TROOPS BECAUSE HE WAS ONE AS WELL. He was a PEACEKEEPER in Cyprus in the 80's. A dangerous country then where he was often threatened protecting his country and the citizens of that country. He was POSTED IN POLAND and we were too. HE SUFFERED FROM POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER and was forced to return home after his life, his families lives were threatened and at risk. How would the person who took this simple and personal ribbon feel in his situation? How would they react to the reaity of what it's REALLY like? How would they like to see the hurt in my father's eyes when he had to drive home thinking about why someone would do that? For a joke? Because they can? Because they also do not support the war against terrorism? My dad SUPPORTS THE TROOPS not Stephen Harper - he does not vote Conservative. He does not support the Bush administration and worries about all the men and women fighting for a little piece of freedom and especially the Canadian men and women who are doing their jobs for all of us sitting here on our asses, shaking our fists AND STEALING A WONDERFUL MAN'S PROUD MAGNETIC RIBBON OF SUPPORT in order to make yourself feel like YOU ARE INDEED CHANGING THE WORLD.

But unfortunetly, you are not. So either inlist in the military to change the world, or run for politics - but give my dad (a medal bearing Peacekeeper and veteran) his magnetic ribbon back so he can continue showing his love for the country we all are proud of. The country you, thief, obviuosly have no pride for.

By Natalie Fournier

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