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I’ve heard too many complaints about the Rolling Stones this past weekend in the Commons. Critics (including this very newspaper) say that the commons is public land not to be used for corporate events, they say the Stones aren’t globally conscious, that taxpayers money should go to more important events, it’s too noisy, etc etc. So according to all these nay-sayers, Halifax should never hold outdoor concerts for music legendaries? Maybe they think we should all sit around twisting our dreadlocks and drink herbal tea while we play hacky-sack on the commons and listen to a one-man politically-charged banjo show? Yes, the commons are a public place, perfect for 25 percent of Halifax’s PUBLIC tax-paying population to see a concert on, a concert that we were more then grateful to have been financially assisted by our wonderful city. Sorry you can’t play your ball game this weekend – it’s one weekend in your entire lifetime, get over it. The fact that 50 000 people in your community got to have an amazing day and use the commons to enjoy some music should be enough validation for the city helping to pay for holding this concert, never mind the economic benefits it brings to our growing city. If you want to live in a city where nothing exciting ever happens, where no big music shows are ever held, just so you can play a ball game or go for a run without your perfectly scheduled life being disrupted, move to the country. Because Halifax is a city. Where music shows happen. Big music shows. And on your way out, you can shut up. I’ve had enough of your whining.

By Sophie Murphy

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