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To the Editor,With the recent events and controversies arising with the Chebucto road widening, I could not hold myself any longer to raise attention on parking laws in residential HRM. I have contacted HRM in order to obtain an exemption to the daytime no parking sign on the street in front of my residence. The answer, although politely presented, was not more than absurd. As a new owner of a condo in the north end, I was unaware that HRM bylaw interdicts co-properties of more than 4 units to obtain an exemption for parking on their residential street. Because my wife and I call schedules differ substantially, we require the use of a second car for work. Yet, with the rising price of gas and concerns for the environment, both her and I try to play our part: ride our bicycle, use the public transit, or even walk to work. Still, being unable to leave the second car on this empty street during the day means one more car on the roads of Halifax. Looking from my windows onto the street every morning I have never seen more than two cars parked on this twenty-five residences street.HRM official had a “brilliant” idea: to rent a space from a neighbor. It could have worked if the neighbor had not charged 100$ per month while HRM offers exemptions for 30$ a year: forty times less. I don’t know many people that would offer a space on their property to park a car daily for 30$ a year! It is worthless to mention that HRM officials did not shed a tear about pollution from car emissions. But this everybody knew, now that Chebucto is widening!What about a vignette system as being used by many other cities in Canada: Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, to only name those I have experienced. Well that would be a step forward for HRM; and this also means such will never happen. So I am driving my car to work every day with a malignant pleasure of consuming gas, such a highly sickening feeling with today’s environmental reality. But who cares anyway?

By Philippe Magown

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