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Letters to the editor, April 10,2014

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Tim city

I was saddened to read that news editor Tim Bousquet has left the paper. His well-researched and searingly honest journalism became in many ways the “conscience of the city.” I wish him well in all future endeavours. I trust that The Coast will continue in its tradition of investigative journalism by following the high standards Tim has firmly embedded in the paper. Big shoes to fill...big challenge. —Carolyn Gallagher, via email

On moving on

I find it curious that David Fleming chose to identify Ottawa’s cycling infrastructure as a major advantage over Halifax’s fledgling system in his opinion column (“This time, I’m the one saying ‘Farewell to Nova Scotia,’ Voice of the City, March 27). As executive director of the North End Business Association, Mr. Fleming actively worked to prevent the crosstown connector bike lane from being implemented along Agricola Street. Mr. Fleming and NEBA’s lobbying sent the Agricola route to parking study purgatory, perhaps never to be resurrected.So instead of asking why Halifax doesn’t stack up in terms of active transportation to Ottawa, Mr. Fleming should be asking himself what role he could have played in making the needed improvements to our fair Halifax. This is perhaps our greatest weakness as a city: Young people who champion change and yet, when under pressure, end up promoting the status quo. —S.E. Sprinkling, Halifax

I’ve lived in the top five largest cities in Canada. Halifax is not for everyone---it’s certainly not perfect, but you can say that about any community. I believe that if you’re happy where you are then you will find a way to make it work. If not, then maybe you don’t belong there.

One thing I’m sure of is that it’s not worth it to wake up every day in a place you don’t belong and spend your entire life bitching about it. I love hearing about friends who have fled Halifax for whatever place and are doing well. More room for those of us who love living here. —posted by hockeynut at

Many good points here but for me the two keys points are 1. “While average rents are four percent higher in Ottawa, downtown-to-downtown they’re three percent lower”; and 2. “Our combined wages would’ve resulted in $5,400 less income tax paid in Ontario than in Nova Scotia.” These are the two points that have had me considering a move as well.

I work for a national organization that bases its offices in downtown cores. They scale our wages down here because of a perceived lower cost of living, when reality is it is not cheaper to live here unless you’re talking about buying a home in the backwoods of Tantallon. —posted by ARMD

Good decision and a tough one I’m sure. Best of luck, David. You’re certainly not alone in this. We left, after returning to the Maritimes two years earlier, just last October for the west coast and have no regrets at all. There are indeed nice people everywhere (not sure why Maritimers think they have a lock on that market) and the economics are entirely in your favour. It’s just sad reality. Best of luck! —posted by Trevor Curwin

Between the grades

Stephen Adams is in it for his next job (“City council report card” by Tim Bousquet, April 3). He either runs for the PCs provincially/federally next time, or gets hired by a developer or right-wing business lobby group he’s been working for this whole time. Sad how predictable that is.
 —posted by vishnu

Lorelei Nicoll is representing her district greatly. She takes the time to understand the issues and clearly communicates her position. She stakes her position and doesn’t have to be an ass to do so. Nice people can be effective. I find it amusing Nicoll only gets a C+ and David Hendsbee gets a C- when there is no comparison. 
 —posted by Ch123


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