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Letters to the editor, August 28, 2014

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Money tips

"Legalized Loan Sharking" by Bruce Wark (Cover Story, August 7) is an excellent article!

If my comments appear insensitive, it is due to my good fortune in that I have never been forced to walk in the shoes of those who are forced to take out payday loans. Therefore, I am unable to empathize.

However, your article itself suggests a way to avoid these services. The two cases you describe found their way out of their problem with counselling and no longer need the services of a payday loan office despite the fact, it appears by your article, that the financial situation that necessitated their need for a payday loan has not changed.

Hence, education and counselling can deal with this problem.

My own, somewhat simplistic, answer is that if folks need a payday loan from month to month then if they took tight control over their spending, even for one or two bare-bones months, and started saving that one- or two-hundred-dollar shortfall, then the cycle would be attenuated, and a rainy day fund would be set up. The savings in interest would pay, in a few months for the initial loan itself!

And don't forget that financial advisers strongly recommend that we all should have in the bank a minimum of three months' income to counter problems caused by any loss of income. Should it be necessary to delve into those rainy-day savings, then one must discipline oneself to replace these funds as soon as possible, and take care to not spend more than one earns. —G.Boyce, Dartmouth

Reading this article, I couldn't help but feel good and secure knowing that our government and our public utility board work relentlessly to protect our, the public's, best interests. With such security, life is good! Thank you guys! I hope to see you all in the lineup at one of those payday loan places. —Ismet Ugursal, via email Re: design

I've been loyally reading The Coast since its first issue, and while I'm sure I'll get used to the new format, I really don't like the typeface. It's too round and squat, and although that makes it look "cute," it's more difficult to read. I also wish you'd stop wasting paper on the superstitious nonsense that is the astrology section. It's shameful to see such garbage in a serious newspaper in the 21st century.

Thank you for hearing me out. —Ian Smith, Halifax

Ticket scam?

Your recent parking ticket story missed the mark ("4,000 tickets and no answers," The City by Ariane Hanlon, August 14). There were references to many statements about lack of complaints or no increase in number of complaints, but it appeared to be all anecdotal. I have personally complained multiple times to the mayor's office. The actual number of increased tickets is staggering. That's nearly an additional 70 tickets per business day, likely in a very small area. That can't be good for the city. I live in Northwood, and every day I see them waiting to ticket seniors. It's shameful. A short-term cash grab, but additional trouble to creating a vibrant downtown. —Willy


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